So, as some of you may (or may not) know, SwitchBot Blind Tilt now supports controlling via groups. Which means you can group Blind Tilt devices located around different locations in your home together for a more convenient way to control multiple devices at the same time by using our app, SwitchBot Remote, or smart assistants (Hub Mini required, people!) to control different groups of louvers, all with just one command.

So, let's check it out below!

1. Update your Blind Tilt and SwitchBot app to the latest versions.

2. Set groups via our App.

After your firmware is upgraded, and you have added multiple Blind Tilt devices to your account, you can set group control using our app (no Hub Mini is required, and a group of up to 4 Blind Tilt devices can be supported).

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So get set up, and make life even easier!

2.1 Using SwitchBot Remote to control Blind Tilt groups.

After you have added SwitchBot Remote your account, you can use Remote to control a set group of Blind Tilt devices, even without Hub Mini!

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3. Using Google Home/Alexa to control Blind Tilt groups.

If you’re using SwitchBot Hub Mini and turn on cloud services for a group of Blind Tilt devices you’ll be able to control them using voice commands.

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Looking for more info? Check out some of our FAQs!