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Home Automation

Got technophobes at home but still want to keep things smart? You need this. 

Smart homes, not just the kind of thing you might see in Disney Epcot’s tomorrowland, but devices that really help make home life more convenient and comfortable. But what about people that aren’t so familiar with high-tech devices, and might feel daunted when it comes to facing devices they’ve never used before? Well don’t worry, this article will show you how to teach them how to use smart devices, so that the whole family can enjoy the convenience that a smart home can bring.

SwitchBot Lock, to Wi-Fi, or not to WiFi, that is the question.
Home Security

SwitchBot Lock, to Wi-Fi, or not to WiFi, that is the question. 

SwitchBot Lock can be installed on top of your door lock without the need for you to remove or replace anything. It can be connected to your phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, whether or not it is networked, allowing you to easily unlock your door without a key. So what’s the difference between using it via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? Well, we’ll show you below.

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