The seasons change, the weather is unpredictable, love might not last, yeah yeah yeah we get the picture. But honestly, that tinder date might not change your life… but your home living environment definitely will. We recommend that every family owns some kind of thermometer, especially a smart one (we are a smart tech. company after all) to understand just exactly how cold, warm, dry and wet the environment around us is. By using a smart hygrometer, we can also adjust the temperature and humidity in our living spaces in a timely manner and protect ourselves against potential health threats in a much smarter, cost-effective way. And that way, the only way, is SwitchBot Meter Plus.

Check changes in temperature and humidity to ensure your home environment is always comfortable.

Place Meter Plus in your living room, closet, or even by your bedside, wherever you want to keep an eye on and you can check on your surrounding environment conditions by using intuitive voice commands. Just ask Alexa what the temperature is wherever you’ve placed your Meter Plus and you’ll get a real-time update!
When using our app to record temperature data, we generally recommend setting a comfort zone that is between 20 to 26℃, with a humidity level ranging from between 30% to 70%. This is set according to recommended temperature and humidity levels suitable for human habitation.

Create a healthier, more comfortable environment.

Everyone has a different opnion when it comes to what cold, warm, dry and wet is. And when it comes to the elderly and infants, you might find that they’re a little more sensitive when it comes to the weather. When it is cold in winter and hot in summer, children play and sweat easily making it easier for them to catch a cold or get heatstroke. Being in a dry or humid environment for a long time also makes it easier to get sick, resulting, well, unwanted physical health problems. For example, nasal bleeding due to excessive dryness, or eczema, fatigue, respiratory diseases, the list goes on.
Scientific evidence shows that maintaining a relative humidity of between 40% and 60% in the air around us has significant benefits for human health. This humidity range is very suitable to ensure the effectiveness of our immune defense system and minimizes the spread of viruses in the air.
So how can you ensure such an environment is kept to help you stay as healthy and as comfortable as possible? Well, all it takes is a SwitchBot Hub Mini and a SwitchBot Scene setting used alongside our products, and you can automatically turn your air conditioner on or off (or even fans), when the temperature and humidity in the bedroom, or living room are lower or higher than a certain set range that has been set by using our very own smartphone app.
*Images supplied by real SwitchBot users and are for reference only.

Ok that's great, but what about other things around the home that rely on temperature and humidity?

In addition to us good ol’ humans, temperature and humidity conditions are crucial to ensure other important parts of our lives, such as clothes found in your wardrobe (erm, hello?! That’s a Dior, ok?), wine cellars, instrument rooms, garages, green plants, pet houses, the list goes on. To maintain a more stable environment where it matters most, Meter Plus becomes an important factor which can reduce the possibility of your property being susceptible to harm.
On rainy, foggy days, our wardrobes and wine cellars (if you have one let me know, I’m kinda thirsty) are easily affected by moisture and have a peculiar smell in the environment when humidity reaches a higher level. A great example would also be when humidity reaches roughly 70%, mould starts to thrive a little easier, so we need to be able to keep an eye on humidity at all times.
Or what about in music rooms where guitars are stored (or even collectibles), wood is prone to shrinking in dry environments, which may lead to large cracks on the surfaces of the guitar bodies. Or, flipped the other way around, when in an environment that is more humid (when humidity exceeds 60%), guitar panels might probably start to expand and affect the guitar neck, causing it to bend.
So again, how can we use Meter Plus to solve these issues? Well, it’s all about keeping your environment constant, and monitored. Meter Plus can help record the temperature and humidity data by the hour, day, week, month and year via our app to allow you to see just exactly how temperature and humidity are changing over time. And with SwitchBot Hub Mini you can even view all of this remotely.

Not enough? Well, it can help you save energy too!

A topic of huge controversy recently, electricity bills. Bah! We hate them, and they’re expensive. So this year, when winter comes, and you’re not at home but have forgotten to turn off the heating when going out, (which wastes a lot of electricity, by the way, come on!), you can check temperature and humidity straight from your phone when used with SwitchBot Hub Mini and then even turn off devices like heaters and what not remotely to help save more on heating and energy.
*Images supplied by real SwitchBot users and are for reference only.
Meter Plus also supports third-party smart assistants, such as Alexa, Google Home, Siri Shortcuts, IFTTT, and SmartThings, which enables you to use voice commands with your products via the cloud, and also enables you to create home automation scenes using other SwitchBot devices too.