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SwitchBot Scenes 3.0 is here, and there’s a lot you need to know. 

“Can all devices use a delay in time when triggering scenarios and automation?”“I have a lot of SwitchBot devices, but I’m not very good at developing new scenarios. Can you provide me with some tutorials?”“Summer time has arrived. I hope the time in my app can be automatically adjusted. Manual operation is way too annoying.”Since SwitchBot started, we’ve always received amazing feedback from our users via social media and our app regarding needs and ideas about smart scenes and home automation. And well, without further ado, we’re happy to announce the release of our latest app update, SwitchBot 7.8! Now with brand new Scene and Automated layouts that will provide you with a much richer user experience that gives you a better scene and automation creation processes.So what’s new? SwitchBot Scenes has been updated to include the following: New page design with Scenes and Automation. Recommended Scenes and Automation, and the ability to copy scenes. Delayed action, outdoor weather, location status settings and more. Daylight savings time updates. If you want to start using these great features, all you need to is update our app to version 7.8 (or above depending on when you read this article). All-new Scenes…

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Meter/Meter Plus and the roles of absolute humidity, dew point temperature, and VPD when monitoring your home environment. 

if you are a plant grower or a home enthusiast who is concerned about weather changes, in addition to temperature and humidity: relative humidity, absolute humidity, dew point temperature, and VPD are also important things you’ll need to take into consideration when looking to make your living environment comfortable. To obtain more comprehensive environmental data, the following may be some of the reasons why you’ll want to own a SwitchBot Meter…

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