When you think of smart homes, what do you think of? Perhaps investing in all new appliances, rewiring your electrical system, or taking the time to learn and get used to your home is smarter than you. We have finally entered the time in our lives when smart technology is progressively becoming more of a reality. The question is, how much do we need?

You may have the smart car, smart fridge, smart vacuum, and, of course, the smartphone, but what about the smart devices that help you with the more subtle or mundane aspects of life? Imagine a line of products that work interconnectedly to make a simple day in life that much simpler. SwitchBot was born to facilitate more efficiency, security, and convenience.

SwitchBot Smart Home Devices

How SwitchBot smart home devices make your life simpler

SwitchBot Smart Home Devices affect homeowners’ and renters’ lives by saving them time and giving them peace of mind. All from the tips of your fingers, you can spend less time remembering routines and schedules, and more time on the things that truly matter to you. You can have all of this and more without upgrading a single thing in your home.

Home security devices give users peace of mind. Having that first line of defense can be utterly reassuring, especially when children and the elderly are involved. Whether you are living alone, have children at home, or just want to watch from the next room over, SmartBot’s push notifications notify you of all activity (including your own) so you know exactly what’s happening.

While it is common for users to use the devices as intended, some get really creative. An anonymous customer paired both the motion sensor and the curtain rod to create an automatic door for their cat—genius! Another uses it to provide private access for their mother when they are not home.

As you can see, smart home devices change people’s lives for the better. Automation and the idea of staying connected are here to stay. In fact, some even argue that smart technology, in general, is becoming more of a necessity rather than a luxury.

SwitchBot Combos

SwitchBot smart home devices for different rooms

SwitchBot’s smart home devices are ideal for every part of your home and can be customized to fit your needs to a loT. However many devices you need to make your living experience as hands-free as possible, the products listed below are nothing short of convenient. The smarter your home, the more time you have for yourself and your family!

Many customers ask what the perfect amount of smart home devices is to make their home life run as smoothly as possible. The answer is entirely up to you! SmartBot’s line of products has no limit to how many can work together in each room, and they are specifically designed to work as a team.

If you have a whole panel of light switches, like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, and have heavy curtains to open/close, the products can be customized as a trigger system. Getting out of bed triggers your motion sensor, which triggers the appropriate lights to turn on, which triggers the curtains to open, and finally, the coffee maker brewing a nice cup of joe.

Smart Home Devices for living rooms

Smart Home Devices for living rooms

SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2

You won’t have to sacrifice the drama of your beautiful living room curtains for functionality ever again. Now you can have both! The powerful motor in the SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2 accommodates curtains up to 8kg and comes with a customizable clamp design.

This compact smart device also contains eight months’ worth of power. If that isn’t enough, it can be paired with the SwitchBot Solar Panel for continuous use. What’s more, you can make your curtains even smarter by automating them with your Google Home or Alexa.

SwitchBot Bot

Need to turn on the lights before you or a family member gets home? Perhaps you forgot to turn on the robot vacuum like your partner asked you to. Or maybe you’re not a morning person and would like a more automated routine. Whatever the reason, the SwitchBot Bot has your back. Forgetfulness is now a thing of the past with this nifty, stick-on button.

Simply stick this smart device onto any light switch or appliance button, sync tit o your SwitchBot app, and watch the magic happen. Not only can you program it to do mundane tasks such as turning the lights on, but you can also set it to brew your morning coffee and get laundry started. The possibilities are only limited to your own imagination with this gadget of convenience!

SwitchBot Smart Lock (Cannot apply to the UK and the EU.)

Have you ever imagined a world where you can tell Alexa or Google to answer the door for you? Well, now you can! With the SwitchBot Smart Lock, you can automatically unlock the door for yourself or those party guests you’re expecting.

Compatible with seven different other gadgets and widgets, including your smartphone, the Smart Lock is the epitome of convenience and reliability. Not interested in using your phone? No problem! Simply install a keypad for password or fingerprint entry. Better yet, go completely hands-free by programming the device to lock itself as soon as you leave the house.  

Smart Home Devices for bedrooms

SwitchBot Curtain

We are past getting up to open the curtains or relying on artificial glow lights to wake us up in the morning. Now, with the SwitchBot Curtain, you can set a timer or rely on its daylight sensor to open the curtains up for us. Capable of fitting all types of curtain rods, the device’s innovative design has you covered.

You’ll never have to pull open or close your curtains again. The SwitchBot Curtain can’t imagine you doing so! In fact, if you happen to forget that you have a butler for a curtain rod, the device will gently remind you by sensing your movement and doing the rest of the work for you.

SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam

Great for children’s rooms or nurseries, the 360 SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam provides a high definition, 1080p wide range view of your little ones. Suspecting that a family pet is doing something suspicious? The Cam is great for catching them in the act (and maybe posting on YouTube after)!

Equipped with LED night vision, automatic motion tracking, and a two-way talk system, you can rest assured knowing that you and your family are safe, all through a lens. It even has a privacy mask that can be easily implemented when the time comes.

SwitchBot Bot

In a world where people are increasingly favoring touchless technology, the COVID-19 pandemic has opened a whole new world of possibilities, and it is even more important to keep your home as safe as it can be.

The SmartBot Bot does all the “dirty” work for you in the morning and at night. You can even stick it on your alarm clock to score just five more minutes. The only thing left is to train your dog to bring you your slippers.

SwitchBot Meter Plus

Get yourself a thermostat that not only tracks (and maintains) the temperature in your home, but the humidity levels as well, all on one sleek 3-inch display! Designed to work with the rest of your smart home, the SwitchBot Meter Plus will automatically adjust temperature and moisture levels all-around your home.

More importantly, smart thermostats like Meter Plus do wonders for the environment. A/C use alone is predicted to cause roughly 25 percent of global warming by 2050. Just imagine how much electricity as a whole is affecting our ozone layer.

SwitchBot Meter Plus is the smart choice for the Earth. It is specifically designed to efficiently maintain the temperature of your home, resulting in a lower carbon footprint. Better yet, you get to specify what that ideal temperature and humidity level is right from your smartphone. You’ll never have to worry about who touched the thermostat ever again!

Smart Home Devices for kitchens

Smart Home Devices for kitchens

SwitchBot Plug Mini(Cannot apply to the UK and the EU.)

The SwitchBot Plug Mini is great for eco-friendly homes. This little device packs a powerful punch with three energy-saving chips built inside. Set schedules, connect to Bluetooth, and sync up with home assistants like Alexa to optimize your energy consumption and cut routine time in half.

We all have something in our homes that is constantly plugged in whether we are using it or not. The problem with that is even if an appliance is not in use, it is still consuming energy. This is known as phantom energy and not only is it causing unnecessary harm to the planet, it is wasting your money as well.

Even if the effects are small, just think about how many devices are plugged in that are not being used right now. It adds up. A smart plug works to omit that unnecessary energy usage by shutting off the connection to power when you are not using it. Instead of turning the appliance on/off, you are turning the plug itself on/off. Smart!

Being the quickest and cheapest way to smarten up your home, the Plug Mini is essentially compatible with any device already in your home. Set up a trigger system with a motion sensor for a hands-free approach to living.

SwitchBot Color Bulb

Did you know there are 16 MILLION different colors in the world (possibly even more)? Yeah, we didn’t either. The SwitchBot Color Bulb, lets you enjoy those colors by creating presets for whatever aesthetic you’re reaching for.

Color is associated with creativity. So is your voice. What better combination of utter sophistication than combining the two? Yes, with the Color Bulb you can adjust the lighting to the perfect setting using just a few simple voice commands. Set the mood, simplify routines, and unleash your creative side all with one bulb.

SwitchBot Bot

What better place to let the SwitchBot Bot thrive than the kitchen? Home to nearly all of your gadgets, the possibilities are endless with this little device. Not limited to just the coffee maker, freely experiment with your stand mixer, blender, or air fryer. Getting too hot in the kitchen? Pair it with the Meter Plus to automatically turn on the overhead vent or fan!

SwitchBot Indoor Cam

Smart Home Devices for garages

SwitchBot Indoor Cam

Balance both safety and privacy with this motion-detecting indoor camera. Many homeowners use their garage to store extra valuables and expensive equipment. Keep it all secure with the SwitchBot Indoor Cam. Just like the Pan/Tilt cam, the indoor cam has LED night vision that effectively captures motion, takes a screenshot, and immediately notifies you.

SwitchBot Contact Sensor

This two-part device can be securely attached to doors, windows, furniture, and even garages.

The SwitchBot Contact Sensor works every time a door is opened and will notify you of all entries and departures from your garage. Pair it with the indoor camera, and you have the security of your garage in the palm of your hand (literally)!

Notable mentions

Clearly, a smarter home is a more secure home, and there are many different ways to accomplish such a necessary part of home living. Whatever your needs are, SmartBot has you covered. From sensors, smart plugs, home assistant compatibility, and even temperature regulation, your home will be the epitome of efficiency in no time.