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Home Automation, Points, SwitchBot Meter Plus

Meter/Meter Plus and the roles of absolute humidity, dew point temperature, and VPD when monitoring your home environment. 

if you are a plant grower or a home enthusiast who is concerned about weather changes, in addition to temperature and humidity: relative humidity, absolute humidity, dew point temperature, and VPD are also important things you’ll need to take into consideration when looking to make your living environment comfortable. To obtain more comprehensive environmental data, the following may be some of the reasons why you’ll want to own a SwitchBot Meter…

Home Automation, SwitchBot Meter Plus

Your home environment might be harming you. Here’s a few ways to fix it! 

We recommend that every family owns some kind of thermometer, especially a smart one (we are a smart tech. company after all) to understand just exactly how cold, warm, dry and wet the environment around us is. By using a smart hygrometer, we can also adjust the temperature and humidity in our living spaces in a timely manner and protect ourselves against potential health threats in a much smarter, cost-effective way. And that way, the only way, is SwitchBot Meter Plus.

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