If you’ve already started building your SwitchBot smart home with products like SwitchBot Bot and SwitchBot Curtain, you may have noticed that some people in your household might find it challenging to control these devices. This could include your parents, grandparents, those who are not comfortable using smartphones, or even children. Although they might not be as familiar with smart technology, there’s still a way for them to easily control your SwitchBot devices without the need for a smartphone or technical know-how: SwitchBot Remote.

SwitchBot Remote simplifies smart home control for everyone

Works like a charm with your SwitchBot gadgets.

SwitchBot Remote is like the ultimate sidekick for your SwitchBot crew. It gets along great with SwitchBot Curtain, Bot, Blind Tilt, Color Bulb, and LED Strip Light. Basically, if it’s got “SwitchBot” in the name, this remote has got its back.

Easy-peasy setup.

Setting up your SwitchBot Remote is a piece of cake. Just assign two commands to each button, and you’re good to go. Want one button to open your curtains and another to turn on your bot? No problem! This remote is all about making your life easier.

Stick it wherever you want.

SwitchBot Remote comes with a handy 3M adhesive, so you can stick it anywhere that’s convenient for you. Bedside table? Check. Desk? You got it. Wall? Why not! And with its extra-long Bluetooth range, you can control your devices from practically anywhere in your house.

Trigger your SwitchBot scenes with one click.

If you’re all about that SwitchBot Scene life, you’ll love this feature. With just one button press, you can trigger a whole scene and control all your connected devices at once. It’s like having a smart home genie at your fingertips! Just keep in mind that you’ll need a SwitchBot Hub to make the magic happen, and SwitchBot Lock can’t join in on the scene fun.

Control SwitchBot products via Bluetooth with just a tap.

Practical applications of SwitchBot remote.

Ok, so you’ve made it this far, which means you might have a rough idea of how you might want to use SwitchBot Remote, but just in case you’re looking for some ideas of just exactly how SwitchBot Remote can be integrated into your SwitchBot smart home to help make life easier for those who need it.

Controlling home appliances for everyone.

When you have a SwitchBot Bot controlling devices like lamps, intercoms, or TVs, you can make them accessible to everyone in your home. Simply attach the Bot to the button you want to control using the provided adhesive. With SwitchBot Remote, anyone can easily control these devices, regardless of their technical skills or mobility.

Simplifying bedtime routines.

We’ve all experienced the annoyance of getting comfortable in bed, only to realize we forgot to turn off the light. With SwitchBot Remote, you don’t need to use your phone or get up to switch off the light. Just tap the remote, and the light is off, allowing you to relax and fall asleep easily.

Convenient garage door control.

If you’ve ever found yourself waiting outside your garage because the door opener isn’t working properly, SwitchBot Remote can help. Keep a remote in your car, and when you’re within about 80 meters (262 feet) of your garage, you can open the door with a single press of the remote. This feature adds convenience to your daily routine, saving you time and frustration.

Use SwitchBot Remote Controls SwitchBot Bot

How to use SwitchBot Remote with SwitchBot Curtain

Control your curtains with ease.

SwitchBot Remote is also compatible with SwitchBot Curtain, making it easy to control your smart curtains with just a tap. Whether you’re relaxing at home or heading out, you can open or close your curtains with a single press of the remote.

Grouping multiple curtains together.

If you have multiple SwitchBot Curtains, you can use SwitchBot app to group them together. In the app, go to your curtain device settings and look for the “Set Double-Sided Curtain” option. Add your other SwitchBot Curtain device to the group, and they will be connected. You can then add a SwitchBot Remote to the group, allowing you to control both curtains simultaneously with a single remote.

Open curtains without disturbing others.

SwitchBot Remote is also useful when you want to open or close your curtains without disturbing others in the room. For example, if you wake up early and want to let some light in without waking up your partner, you can simply tap the remote to open the curtains while you’re in another room, like the bathroom. This way, you can start your day without causing any disruptions.

Can I use SwitchBot Remote with other SwitchBot products too?

Yes! You can use SwitchBot Remote with a ton of different SwitchBot products as a part of SwitchBot Ecosystem. Including:

●SwitchBot Bot
●SwitchBot Curtain
●SwitchBot Color Bulb
●SwitchBot LED Strip Light
●SwitchBot Plug Mini
●SwitchBot Lock

Control multiple smart curtains via SwitchBot app

So there you have it, if you’re looking for a quick fix for your smart home devices, or have family members or friends that can benefit from SwitchBot Remote, then it really is a no-brainer when it comes to choice. What’s more, you can use code 10REMOTE to enjoy 10% off when you buy now, ya know… Because I’m nice like that.

Use SwitchBot Remote to open your garage door

Make life easier with SwitchBot Remote

Use SwitchBot Remote with other SwitchBot products

SwitchBot Remote is a total lifesaver for anyone who wants to make their smart home setup a breeze. Whether it’s your tech-challenged relatives or just your own desire for simplicity, this little gadget is here to save the day.

Here are some scenarios where SwitchBot Remote is incredibly useful:

OccasionHow SwitchBot Remote HelpsBenefits
BedtimeControl devices without getting upConvenience and better sleep
Morning RoutineAdjust settings without disturbing othersStreamlined routine and household harmony
Arriving HomeControl devices before enteringSafety, convenience, and energy efficiency
EntertainingEasily create the perfect ambianceImproved hosting and guest comfort
Elderly or Physically ChallengedSimple, accessible device controlIndependence and better quality of life
Home SecurityQuickly control security devicesSwift response to threats and simplified management
Saving EnergyEffortlessly control energy-consuming devicesReduced consumption, bills, and environmental impact

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