When thinking about installing SwitchBot Lock, do any concerns come to mind? What if it runs out of power? Will I still be unable to get inside when batteries run out? Will SwitchBot Lock remind me to change the batteries in time? So many questions, just one you.

Guess what? Even when your batteries run out, you can still use a traditional key to open!

  • Use a traditional key to help get your foot in the door.

SwitchBot Lock is easy to install and removes the need for your to replace your whole lock or lock cylinder. This means not only can you prevent yourself from destroying your original door lock, but when SwitchBot lock is powered off, you can still use your original key to unlock and lock your door. This is also the unique feature of SwitchBot Lock, which is the perfect mix of a traditional lock, and a smart lock too. All at the same time.

*Should you find yourself on business for a long time or away from home, it is recommended that you take a key with you to avoid returning to a device with no battery.

SwitchBot Lock will always notify you when batteries need changing.

  • Reminds you when batteries are below 20%

SwitchBot Lock is set to notify you when batteries are low, so when your battery life drops to 20% it will send out reminders to tell you to change batteries. This means you’ll be able to get all kinds of notifications before your batteries run out and should have more than enough time to replace them.

With 20% device battery life left, you’ll also be able to unlock your door around 10 times using SwitchBot Lock until it needs new batteries.

So what kind of notifications does SwitchBot Lock send out before your battery runs out? Find out below:

  • Alarms will be emitted from your device that lasts for up to 15 seconds.

When in Low Battery Mode, every time you need to lock or unlock your door using SwitchBot Lock your device will automatically emit a beep sound for 15 seconds and emit a red indicator light to remind you that you need to replace the batteries.

Please keep in mind this alarm sound is mandatory and cannot be turned off or disabled. Only when the batteries are replaced will this warning sound stop. It’s recommended that you replace batteries as soon as possible.

  • Reminds via push notifications and inside our app.

When using our app, the device page of your SwitchBot Lock will show a low power sign. And when your device is online, our app will automatically push a low battery warning notification to your phone.

If you are still worried about missing notifications, you can also consider pairing your devices with a SwitchBot Hub Mini which will allow you to get remote notifications every 12 hours no matter where you are.

*Please note: when replacing batteries, we recommend using two brand new CR123 batteries.