When you look at the title of this blog, you probably already know what’s coming. Yup, you guessed it… our new upgraded smart curtain device – SwitchBot Curtain 3.
Now, the first thing that might come into your mind is, when compared to Curtain 2, what has improved? Is it now less intrusive than before, with less noise emitted? Can it push heavier curtains this time around? Will SwitchBot release new solar panels to improve on past battery life? And probably a lot more too.
Let me be the first to say, yes, a lot of your issues will be resolved with Curtain 3 this time round! Don’t believe me? Well, take a look at what the users who participated in our Curtain 3 public beta had to say, it might just change your mind.

As simple as always.

What they said:
  • “Yes as it’s easy to retrofit existing curtains and works with most smart home providers.” – John, UK.
  • “Much easier install them the previous version of SwitchBot Curtain. Works consistently.” – Harry, USA.
  • “Yes. As usual easy to set up” –Tony, UK.
What we had to say:
We have been working on better installation methods ever since the 1st Gen Curtain was released, and through onto Curtain 2 in search of making a device so simple that anyone could install it.
In the first two generations, we have made repeated improvements in terms of adaptability. On the basis of this, Curtain 3 has optimized the button connecting the ear and the main unit, making it easier to attach. This simplicity helps solve many users installation issues, and in turn saves us time too!

It's oh so quiet... so quiet!

What they said:
  • “Used when closing curtains, so it doesn’t disturb us, they are installed in the lounge.”, “For sleep and wake up I would say it’s essential.” , “The curtains close without us noticing, we aren’t interrupted at all.” Rob, UK.
  • “Closing the curtains in the evening while watching TV. Version 2 makes so much noise that we had to pause the TV, while version 3 with QuietDrift you will not notice them closing at all.” Erwin, Netherlands.
  • “After installation, when I never noticed when it opened or closed.” Yasmin, CA.
  • “The noise level in “QuietDrift Mode” is also way lower on the Curtain 3 than the “Silent Mode” of the Curtain 1. But since I use normal operation mode most of the time, the reduced noise in that mode is the best feature for me.” Simon, DE.
  • “It was a surprise that during meeting in homeoffice and on nights I did not realize that curtains has been closed/opened.” Miguel, ES.
What we had to say:
We’re thrilled that almost all beta users have shown interest in QuietDrift™, with 80% planning to purchase directly because of this feature.
With QuietDrift™, when activated, your curtains will be smoothly pushed at a constant 5mm/s speed, with noise controlled within 25dB. You won’t even notice they’re moving!
Our goal is to provide a seamless and senseless automation experience (imagine your curtains adjusting with the sunrise and sunset), smartly adapting to changing light. Curtain 3 is so great you’ll forget it’s even there.

Power, and then some more.

What they said:
  • “It closes much faster.” Brahim, NL.
  • “It is a long rod, and there is no more struggle to open it with this new version.” Olivier, CA.
  • “My original, SwitchBot and Curtain struggled to close the curtains consistently. SwitchBot curtain three has no issues whatsoever.” Harry, USA.
  • “I used to have curtain rod 2 and was very unpleased with its strength. Now with Curtain Rod 3, I have no issues at all. ” Shorash, DE.
  • “More powerful! Better noise when moving.” Lorenzo, IT.
What we had to say:
In the past, we have always focused on adapting to different tracks and curtain fabrics. The feedback from everyone has made us deeply understand that the weight of curtain fabrics is actually a part of the adaptation process.
The thrust of Curtain 2 reached up to 8kg, but feedback from some users shows that the curtains can weigh up to 10kg.This time, we upgraded the motor to offer a thrust of up to 16kg, which is twice that of the Curtain 2. Not only can it be pushed, but it can also be pushed faster.

It's time for unlimited battery life. Yeah, the real deal!

What they said:
  • “It is a very good improvement and with the panel you nearly forgot you have curtains.” Miguel, ES.
  • “It is too early to say, but I am optimistic it extends battery life.” – Shorash, DE.
  • “I put the panel on one bot to compare the with and without. With is now 93% and without is 89%. The curtains are on the back of the house facing away from the sun.” – Adrian, UK.
  • “I haven’t had it long enough to tell. However, it seems to be keeping the battery above 97% charged.” – Dr. Mark, USA.
What we had to say:
Using Curtain 2 and Solar Panel was thought to offer an infinite range of battery life, but after a year and a half of usage, users still had to take them down for charging, realizing the battery wasn’t unlimited.
Our goal is to achieve true unlimited range, and users reminded us of this need. The new Solar Panel made for Curtain 3 now supports low light charging. It stores power generated by weak light until reaching a sufficient amount to charge your device. Testing in the lab showed over twice the charging efficiency compared to the previous generation, enabling 3 hours of direct sunlight to achieve unlimited endurance.
With Curtain 3’s brand new solar panel, it can power itself during rainy days and efficiently charge on sunny days too. True unlimited battery power is now a reality – with no need to take it down for charging.
As well as the above points, many beta users have also mentioned how convenient Curtain 3 is. Curtain 3 also supports Matter, and with SwitchBot Hub 2, Curtain 3 can now be controlled when using the Apple Home App.
In addition, it also supports 8 control methods, which are suitable for anyone and any scenario.
So what are you waiting for!? A new generation of smart curtains are here to bring you a smart home experience like never before.