What exactly is a Smart Curtain?

Smart curtains, we’ve all heard about them, but what exactly are they? Well, let’s see if we can help explain a little. Smart curtain openers are smart devices that use motors to move your curtains at home, and can be controlled by your phone or your voice to open or close. As smart home products become more and more popular in our lives, curtain openers also play a more and more important role. They can make our lives more convenient, save energy, and even help with security.
There are mainly two types of smart curtain openers on the market. The first is pre-installed motorized curtains that require a power outlet and professional installation (these usually cost around 500 dollars, no thanks). The other is a kind that is retrofitted curtain opener and installed directly onto your existing curtains, which is what we are! This solution costs just $89 in comparison and can be installed by yourself in a few minutes without any tools, they also support solar panel charging too!

Why is it beneficial to use smart electric curtain openers?

The most significant benefit of using curtain openers is that you don’t have to use them manually anymore. A great example would be, when it’s winter, and you are lying in bed and realize that your curtains are still open, but you’re warm, cozy, and don’t really want to have to get back up.
Or what about every morning when you wake up? You have to open the curtains in the bedroom, living room, and study room, it can be quite a tedious task, well… now you don’t have to worry about these things anymore.
You can use your phone to easily open or close your curtains, or you can even use SwitchBot Hub to control using voice commands, and with SwitchBot Remote, you can just press to control, perfect for the elderly and children alike.

By setting a timer, electric curtain openers can automatically help you close and open themselves at night and in the morning, helping you develop a more regular and healthy lifestyle. From now on, you can wake up with the sun, and no longer need alarms and clocks.
SwitchBot Curtain 3 is different from other motorized curtains in terms of waking up in the morning, thanks to QuietDrift™️, it not only keeps the noise down (within 25dB) but can also help you open your curtains slowly at a speed of 5mm/s, just like a natural sunrise, bringing you a seamless wake-up experience.
Automatic smart curtains can also help you save energy. When you turn on the air conditioner in the summer, closing the curtains can give you a better cooling effect at home and save electricity too. And when you turn on the heater in winter, closing the curtains can help better insulate your home. Before you had to pull your curtains by hand, now you can use your phone or set a timer and your curtains will automatically close.

Thanks to the integration of SwitchBot Hub, now you can remotely control your curtains. So when you are traveling and away from home, you can make it look like someone is still around, helping deter intruders away.

Automatic curtains and smart lights alike can help make life more comfortable. A great example would be when you watch a movie, you can now simply use a voice command like: “Alexa, I want to watch a movie.”, to turn off the lights and close your curtains. Or when you go to sleep, you don’t have to get out of bed to turn off the lights and close the curtains, just talk to your smart assistant and it’s all done.

Before, when you came back home from work, you had to manually close your curtains to protect your privacy. Now you have curtain robots, and with smart door locks, you can automatically close the curtains when you get home, and you don’t have to pull them yourself.

How can I automate my existing curtains?

Thanks to technological advancements, there are two types of curtain openers available: pre-installed and retrofitted. Pre-installed motorized curtains require replacing your original curtain track, while retrofitted curtain openers offer innovative installation without the need for track replacement.
We lead in the retrofit category, known for its convenience and compatibility with most curtain tracks. Unlike pre-installed options, this type of smart curtain doesn’t require measuring, power outlet considerations, or specialized tools for installation. They maintain your decor style and are easy to install, even by yourself in just a few minutes or as little as 30 seconds. Additionally, they are ideal for those living in old apartments or rental houses as they can be easily removed and taken to a new home when moving.

How much does a smart curtain opener cost?

In terms of price, pre-installed motorized curtains are much more expensive than retrofit curtain openers. Often, the price of a motorized curtain host + track combination is at least $300. If you add the expensive labor installation cost, it may even cost as much as $500!
However, the price of retrofit smart curtains is often less than 1/3 of the price of pre-installed motorized curtains, and you do not need to replace your curtain track, which saves on the cost of the track and the logistics transportation cost too. At the same time, retrofit curtain openers can be easily installed by anyone, further helping to save on installation costs. SwitchBot Curtain 3 sells for $89.99 and is even more affordable when you buy it as a pair.

How can you control your Smart Curtain Opener?

There are a ton of ways to control no matter what your needs are.

App Control

You can use your phone to control devices around the home, just tap on the devices you have set up via our app and you can close curtains automatically in just seconds.

Voice Control

All you need to say is, “Alexa, close my curtains.” and you’ll be able to control your curtains when connected via a SwitchBot Hub. Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, Siri, and more. You can also say a phrase to close your curtains and turn off the lights, and you don’t even need to use your phone.


SwitchBot Curtain 3 has its own unique understanding of a morning wake-up scenario and developed QuietDrift™️ to open curtains more quietly. At the same time, it slowly opens your curtains at a speed of 5mm/s, just like sunrise slowly illuminating your room, bringing a better wake-up experience to users.

Remote Access

Don’t worry! If you suddenly remember that you didn’t close the curtains on your way to work, or if you think there might be thieves in your home while traveling. With our smart hub, your SwitchBot curtains support remote control. Even if you are on the other side of the earth, just tap on your phone to easily control your curtains.

Remote Control

There is app control and voice control, but what if you have children or elderly people at home who aren’t so tech-savvy? Don’t worry, our curtain openers can also be controlled by a physical remote control. Just press it when you want to close or open.

Light Sensor

Scared that the sun is too strong at noon, and afraid of damaging your furniture? SwitchBot curtain openers with light sensors can automatically close your curtains for you to protect your furniture when the sun is more intense during the day.


When the elderly want to open the curtain to sunbathe, when the curtains at home are too heavy and too long to pull hard, use it. Just lightly pull and it will help you open the curtain.

How long do you charge your Curtain Opener?

Smart curtains openers have always raised concerns about charging and battery life. Traditional pre-installed versions require reserved power outlets, deterring many due to the need for rewiring and effort, even in new houses. Later, battery-powered curtain openers emerged, but they caused battery anxiety with frequent recharging needed every five months.
SwitchBot Curtain 3 addresses these issues by optimizing battery life to last for at least 8 months. And also introduces a specially developed solar panel that supports low-light charging, providing at least twice the charging time compared to other panels. With adjustable orientation and automatic charging, it offers an unlimited battery life experience with just 3 hours of direct sunlight per day.

How to make Smart Curtain Opener more useful?

Smart curtains openers play a crucial role in creating a comfortable home life when integrated with other devices. When paired with smart door locks, they can automatically provide privacy when you arrive home. Combining them with smart switches and universal infrared remote controls enables seamless transitions for scenarios like going to bed, or even watching movies. SwitchBot covers all aspects of a smart home, including door locks, switches, and home hubs too. All are encompassed in an ecosystem where 1+1 actually becomes greater than 2.

What's the difference between Curtain 3 and other Smart Curtain?

 SwitchBot Curtain 3Motorized Smart Curtain
Product Image
Recommended Retail Price$89.99$300-500
Stress-free Installation
  • No sockets needed
  • No need to replace original curtains and tracks
  • No installation tools needed
  • Need to measure
  • Need to replace the original curtains and tracks
  • Need installation tools


  • Rod
  • U Rail
  • I Rail


  • U Rail
NoiseQuietDrift™️ Mode:
Performance Mode:
Performance Mode:
<44 dBA(default)
Battery Life8 Months*9 Months
Solar Panel◯(Supports low-light charging)/
Compatible Smart AssistantsMatter, Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Shorcuts, IFTTT, SmartThingsAlexa, Google Assistant
Control Options
  • APP Control
  • Voice Control
  • Physical remote control
  • Light-sensor
  • Timers
  • Sunrise/Sunset Mode
  • Touch&Go
  • Apple Watch
  • APP Control
  • Voice Control
  • Physical remote control
  • Light-sensor
  • Timers
  • Touch&Go
Ecosystem Ready/
*Under standard conditions: 3m track, 8kg curtain, opening and closing once a day.