In with the new, but not out with the old.

Living in an apartment or house that uses a traditional door lock, but want experience something a little smarter? Like, ya know. Without keys, remote locking, or all that nice stuff. Well, for some of us, this transformation isn’t as easy as it might be for others due to original door locks, leasing contracts, landlords, and what not, which makes changing your original lock a bit harder, especially with the risk of damaging your lock, or even your relationship with your landlord (boo).

Smart, but easy to install? Yup, that’s us.

The key (haha, great pun) behind the simplicity of our smart lock is adaptability.

We went through a ton of trials and tests looking at different apartments and houses and have carried out many investigations and user trials on the door locks of apartments or old houses. After repeated tests and thousands of product structure designs, we finally were able to produce a device that was able to overcome adaptability issues for rear-mounted door locks.

The locks featured above are compatible with SwitchBot Lock.
The locks featured above are compatible with SwitchBot Lock.

We looked at structure design, installation distance and tried to cover multiple types of lock button styles to make SwitchBot Lock the way it is today, and the best thing is you don’t need to change your lock cylinder! All you have to do is just change a thumb-turn adaptor depending on your home lock, attach it to your door and you’re good to go.

Fits a ton of mainstream traditional door locks in US.

As mentioned above, adaptability was a huge deal for us, and we’ve managed to make SwitchBot Lock compatible with the following lock styles:

  • Deadbolts
  • Mortise locks
  • Jimmy Proof locks

And includes cover for a wide range of door lock brands including (but not limited to) Kwikset, Schlage, Baldwin, Emtek, Omina, and others. If you’re looking to find out more about compatibility, you can check out the link here.

SwitchBot Lock Compatibility

Long lasting, and reliable too.

When installing SwitchBot Lock, all you need to do is use the 3M adhesive tape provided, or if you’re a little on the safe side (although the adhesive is perfectly fine in most cases) you can screw SwitchBot Lock onto your door. 3M adhesive, is it really that reliable? Well, yeah. It can withhold up to 35Kg in weight to prevent it from falling down easily when in use. Don’t believe me? Check here.

When it comes to how long the average SwitchBot Lock can last, with motor inside, you should be looking at up to 5000 cycles worth of life. Which means your device can last for around 10 years when used 10 cycles a day on average.

And so here we have it, SwitchBot Lock.

SwitchBot Lock is probably one of the easiest ways for you to make your old lock smarter, in a way much more simple than ever before.

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