Last year, we released our very first Matter-supported smart hub, SwitchBot Hub 2.
By using this smart hub, users were finally able to start syncing some of our hero products to Apple Home, Google Home, and Alexa.
But this was just the beginning.
We launched the world’s smallest robot vacuum, SwitchBot K10+, and announced a 100% fully automatic auto-refill & drain Floor Cleaning Robot, SwitchBot S10. To make sure that all of our products can become Matter compatible via SwitchBot Hub 2.
Everyone had the same expectations as us, whether it was on social media or even through talking to our Customer Support Team, we received uncountable amounts of enthusiastic calls from everyone talking about Matter.
So the time is here! We’re upgrading our Matter experience once again!
Not only do we have over ten new SwitchBot products added to support Matter through SwitchBot Hub 2, but we have also optimized the number of devices that can be added and provided some tips for using them for an even better Matter experience.

Use K10+ and S10 with Apple Home to help with home cleaning.*

All SwitchBot robot vacuums will now officially support Matter through SwitchBot Hub 2, allowing users to start cleaning tasks with just a tap in Apple Home. Then, when finished cleaning you can simply press to tell your robot vacuum to return its base station to charge.
*At present, S10, K10+, and other robot vacuums only support the ON/OFF function via Hub 2. With ON to start cleaning, and OFF to finish cleaning and return to the base station.

What about Hub 2 Smart Buttons and using SwitchBot Remote to control devices and scenes in the Home app?

In this major update, the Smart Buttons found on Hub 2, and SwitchBot Remote finally support Matter!
When you set up a Goodnight Scene in the Home app, you don’t have to say “Hey Siri, help me turn off the lights.” anymore, you can simply press one of the Smart Buttons on your SwitchBot Hub 2, or even use SwitchBot Remote to turn off the lights, close your curtains, and create a comfortable sleeping environment in just one second. Even if it’s not a SwitchBot product, any device in the Home app can be controlled!*
*Remote support for Matter requires Hub 2 and must first be assigned a Scene via the SwitchBot app before it can be used in Apple Home.
*Currently, Smart Buttons can only be used remotely through Matter on the Home app, other platforms are temporarily not supported.

Click on Climate to check your home environment via the Home app. Hot, cold, wet, or dry, everything will be clear at a glance.

The entire SwitchBot Meter series supports Matter through Hub 2. Whether it’s a Meter Plus placed in the living room, a Meter placed by the bedside, or an Outdoor Meter placed in the bathroom or outdoors, you can add it to the Home app and get a glimpse of the temperature and humidity situation of the entire house and outdoors through Climate.
If the temperature in your bedroom is too high, you can also set automation in the Home app. SwitchBot Meter will detect that the temperature in the bedroom is too high, and your air conditioning added via the Home app through Hub 2 will automatically turn on, helping you create a comfortable and cool bedroom.

SwitchBot Smart Light products are now all supported too!

Yup, that’s right. SwitchBot Color Bulb, Ceiling Light, and Strip Light all now support Matter via Hub 2. If there are both Strip Light, Ceiling Light, and Curtain 3 in the bedroom, and you want to turn off the lights and curtains with just one click when sleeping at night, you don’t need to switch back and forth to control the app now. You can control it with just one click in the Home app.*
*Apple Home currently only supports ON/OFF functions when controlling Color Bulb, Ceiling Light, and Strip Light.

And there are still even more SwitchBot Ecosystem products that can support Matter through Hub 2.

As well as all of the products mentioned above, SwitchBot Plug Mini, SwitchBot Evaporative Humidifier, and SwitchBot Battery Circulator Fan can now be added directly to the Home app through Hub 2 support for Matter.
*Apple Home currently only supports ON/OFF functions when controlling Plug Mini, Evaporative Humidifier, and Battery Circulator Fan.

The number of subdevices available has now increased to 8!

The Temperature and Humidity sensors found on Hub 2 can now be customized separately and synced via Matter.
HomePod mini supports temperature and humidity detection, while Hub 2’s temperature and humidity detection display can duplicate information in the Home app, it isn’t compulsory anymore, and can also be added separately! Giving you 8 spaces in total.

SwitchBot Contact Sensor can still provide detection feedback via Apple Home.

SwitchBot Contact Sensor is a unique design sensor that combines magnetic and tactile elements, which helps us correctly identify the status of people leaving or returning home.
In the original SwitchBot Contact Sensor, Hub 2 supported status detection for open and closed only. Now we can further upgrade to see if anyone has passed through too.

But if Hub 2 only supports up to 8 subdevices, can all of my 12 Blind Tilt devices be added to Apple Home too?

Both SwitchBot Blind Tilt and SwitchBot Curtains can be grouped in the SwitchBot app first and then synchronized through SwitchBot Hub 2. In this case, grouped devices only occupy one subdevice space.
For example, four Blind Tilt units can be grouped into one ‘subdevice’, so when synchronized to Apple Home through Hub 2 it would only take up one subdevice slot.
We are still working hard to provide even better support for Matter. If you would like to know more, please visit our dedicated webpage for more information.