Since the launch of the SwitchBot Keypad over here at SwitchBot, when the vast majority of our users are looking into venturing into the smart lock market (that’s a SwitchBot Lock reference), we’ve found a lot of people ask us what the difference is between the two types of Keypad we offer. Asked yourself the same question? Ever wondered what makes Keypad Touch so special? Well… Read on to find out.

“Unlocking so fast it’s effortless.”

When deciding which is the best model for you to choose, it’s a good idea to think back to the kind of lifestyle you live and consider any issues you might run into on a day-to-day basis.

Came back from shopping, hands full of shopping, ahh! So much hassle!

Went out for drinks (again), it’s the middle of the night and I’m at the front door thinking “What’s my password?” again.

Home from work, super tired, just want to get inside and crash out.

Any of the above sound familiar? Might be your hands aren’t free, you’re not in the mood, or maybe you’ve just had one too many. Unlocking your door using Touch ID is a great way to solve any of the issues above.

There are some unique advantages when using Touch ID to unlock your front door. SwitchBot Keypad Touch uses fingerprint recognition algorithms found in other devices such as iPhones and the like, and uses Swedish finance system biometrics to help reach 98% speed and accuracy levels. Giving you a much faster, and safer unlock.

Unlocking is effortless, all you need to do is just need to reach out, tap the finger print reader, and you’re done.

“An even better choice for children and the elderly.”

“My mother is 75 years old this year, and she tends to forget things. Getting her to take a mobile phone, keycard, or remember passcodes when she goes out is just not feasible, relatively speaking, Touch ID is a far better way to solve our issues here at home when trying to let her get back inside the house.”

——Stay at home mom, Mirian.

“I exercise a lot outdoors near home almost every day, and am a big fan of extreme sports, running, and all things fun related. Taking keys with me isn’t really an option, so that’s why I purchased Keypad Touch. Now I don’t have to worry about losing my key accidentally when outside.”

——Lover of the great outdoors, John.

When we choose smart home locks, parents and children who are not used to carrying smart devices or cannot remember complex passwords will always have worries. Touch ID is a quick and easy way to eliminate such worries, as… Well, it’s not as easy to lose your own fingerprints!


Worried about fingerprint accuracy when it comes to children and the elderly? SwitchBot Keypad Touch uses biometric fingerprint identification technology, which means no matter if your fingers are stained, sweaty, or have shallow lines (children), or more wear and tear (older relatives), Keypad Touch will still be able to read and identify them.

Keypad Touch also supports 100 different sets of fingerprints and a wide range of Touch ID Different types of fingerprints, such as permanent fingerprints, temporary fingerprints and emergency fingerprints, can fully meet the different needs of the whole family, friends and door-to-door services.

“Enterprise standard fingerprint unlocking that allows you to use with confidence.”

Security and smart locks go hand in hand. And we’re sure a lot of people are left asking the same questions when it comes to just how safe this kind of technology really is. Is Touch ID really safe? Can someone fake my fingerprints? Will my fingerprint information be leaked?”. SwitchBot Keypad Touch uses a Swedish biometrics fingerprint identification algorithm, and is AES-128 encrypted. Which means fingerprint reading is accurate, secure, and safe.


First of all, our fingerprints are unique and irreplaceable. SwitchBot Keypad Touch uses biometric fingerprint technology, which allows your device to easily identify fake fingerprints, and can use behavioral characteristics of the human body to help identify you. This may include sensing temperature, texture, blood flow and other physiological characteristics of the finger, not just simple fingerprints.

Secondly, in order to protect your personal data, device data stored on your SwitchBot Keypad Touch is stored locally to your device and will not be uploaded to the cloud. AES-128 data encryption technology is used to save your fingerprint data when both transmitting and reading, ensuring data security at all times.


Worried about strangers trying to Brute Force your lock to open it? Which is basically the act of constantly imputting passcode variations in the hope that one will be correct. With Keypad Touch there’s no need to worry. After five passcode verification failures, your device will automatically lock and enter a disabled state, you’ll also get a push notification via our app to let you know*.

*SwitchBot Hub Mini required.

And so, SwitchBot Keypad Touch really is able to provide you with all-round security, and allows you to fingerprint reading more confidently to enjoy a better unlocking experience on a day-to-day basis.

Say goodbye to keys.

Looking to help make leaving home just that little bit lighter? Then Keypad Touch is definitely worth a mention. It’s a great addition to SwitchBot Lock and is a great way to say goodbye to keys once and for all.