As we all know that the world is making progress very rapidly, so the idea of home is changing along with that. More and more smart gadgets and smart devices are introduced with advanced technology that makes the lives of people easier. Just away from a speech command, any task can be done by these smart devices. Now humans can make their houses according to their taste and wants by using these smart technologies. These are not so costly but affordable and are trustworthy products which are being used widely for convenience and ease.

In the markets there are numerous brands which are giving their services in providing these smart devices.

After a very cautious study, we are going to introduce you to the very best smart home devices which are from the best brands and which have very advanced technology. Here following is given a list of top 10 best smart home devices…

1. Amazon Alexa

When we talk about the best smart home gadgets, Amazon Alexa comes always at the top of the list in this category. It has best features and perfect services for a techno-monitered home. It is obviously a great product which can help in many ways.

  • Create daily based task to convert your smart home devices
  • View and edit shopping
  • Get weather updates
  • Get news updates and incidents
  • Set timers and manage alarms

2. Google assistant

Google is considered one of the most trustworthy smart device brand which was introduced in 2019. Google assistant helps both in text or voice typing and it follow the conversation either you are using voice typing or text entry. It further offers voice commands, voice searches and voice activated device control. Google assistant will assist you in the following ways.

  • It control your smart home and devices
  • It searches information online
  • It runs timers and control also your music
  • It makes appointments and send messages
  • It helps in opening different apps
  • It can play all kinds of games.

3. LG Smart TV

If you are thinking to upgrade your older Telivision , LG smart TV is perfect for this. It has a magical remote which can be used as a mouse on the TV. That remote has a voice enabled which supports both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Best feature of this brand includes;-

  • Excellent display
  • User friendly
  • Having both a wall and table mount
  • With intelligent user interface.

4. Arlo Q

Arlo camera is 100% wire free. It is completely wireless, hd smart home security cameras. It is America’s no.1 security camera for home or business can be use freely anywhere. Best smart features;-

  • 1080p HD quality
  • 2-way audio and Night vision
  • Smart alerts and local backup storage
  • Arlo 7-day cloud recording
  • Optional 24-7 recording.

5. Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Most feature enriched smart thermostat introduced in 2019. It learns and adapts your schedule also having smart sensor for ease where it counts.

  • Instead plastic, glass finish is used
  • It supports for 2.4GHs and 5GHs
  • Instead of analogue it is digital
  • Better speaker quality and temperature sensor.

These are smart light switches used for ease and can control from your phone. These are traditional 3-way switches that control your lights or fan from anywhere by setting schedule or voice commands with Alexa. These are easily installable also having voice control. These can be controlled from anywhere. Also used by setting schedule.

7. SwitchBot Bot

It is consisting with just about any rocker switch or button of any other appliance or device at home it will make you instant change old devices into smarter and newer. It just takes some seconds to install. And make your devices smarter and easier. No further tool is needed only you need to tape your Bot onto any button or switch.

  • These switches can be flipped in both directions you can push easily by just one switch bot instead of many.
  • You can set schedule of your days and nights with ease.
  • It consists of many buttons and switches not only for light but also for other things.
  • You can just attach it to anything and let your dreams to fly out.
  • It is most modern and amazing product with advanced technology.

8. Philips Hue

Having this item you further no need to paint your house. To make your home smart and modern, just install the Philips Hue lights. It offers a wide range of smart lights for giving a modern look to your home. You can suggest yourself the colour of your lights, its intensity and dimming or brightening.

  • It will provide you light at any time and anywhere
  • It will further give you extended features with full control of your smart device
  • To increase your special moments, it offers you natural dynamic effects with millions of colours
  • Smart battery management upto 3 hours of battery life.

9. Nest Hello

Nest Hello is the combination of comfort of doorbell with trustworthy security and observation of nest camera. By installing this you can easily moniter your door with the hello video doorbell. Thus nothing will be missed by you.

  • Video doorbell for front door
  • Dual-band wi-fi attachment
  • Will remove noice and echo
  • IPX4-Rated for water resist
  • 160 degree field of view.

10. Samsung SmartThings

Samsung Electronics holds 6th position in the World best global brands 2019. Samsung SmartThings make more advance and smart to your houses. It is a router type physical device to which all smart home devices can be connected. Which can be controlled by SmartThings app or either Android or iOS.

  • It is wireless and can be connect to all smart home devices
  • Through wifi its installation is easier
  • It is automate more than others
  • It works with Z-Wave devices and Zigbee.


Technology is going to become more advance and modern with the every passing day. Smart homes is the basic necessity now a days. In ancient times it was considered the only things for rich families for luxurious life but today these are the part of our lives. These are no longer luxury now a days but a basic part of life in the advanced technological world. The above mentioned are the very best smart home devices which are in the top 10 list of smart home products of 2022. They play a key role in making your life easy and convenient and replacing your ordinary and simple house into a smart home.