Nuki and Ring provide smart intercom openers, but they all need to remove the existing intercom and replace it with a new one. It is very troublesome to install it yourself, and you might not get permitted by your landlord, but there is an easier and retrofit way to make your intercom smart.

The easiest way to smarten your old intercom.

SwitchBot Bot is a tiny robot that pushes any button. Stick the SwitchBot Bot next to the intercom. You can open the SwitchBot App and use Bluetooth to control the Bot, the Bot can press the intercom door open button, and the apartment door will open.

The easiest way to make your intercom smart
The easiest way to smarten your old intercom(from Reddit)

Open the intercom when you are not home.

But when you want to control the Bot when you are not at home, you need a SwitchBot Hub Mini, which the Bot can control through the cloud with a simple configuration. In this way, even if you are at work, you can control the Bot on the app to press the intercom to unlock, and the apartment door will open. 

The cheapest way to make your intercom smart.

In this way, even if you are not at home, when a courier is delivered, you can remotely open the apartment and let the courier put the package at the door. All these cost only $65.

Compatibility check

SwitchBot Bot works with nearly all the old apartment intercoms as long as you push the button to unlock the apartment building door.

The easiest way to smarten your old intercom

Apartment keyless solution

SwitchBot also has a smart lock designed for the apartment door lock. It doesn’t need to replace your old lock, you stick a SwitchBot Lock with a 3M VHB sticker to your existing lock, and it will become smart. You can use your phone or Apple Watch to unlock it. Together with SwitchBot Bot pressing intercom solution, you can get an entire keyless experience when you go out.

Perfect smart lock for apartments

The perfect lock solution for Airbnb rentals

The apartment keyless solution is also perfect for Airbnb hosts. SwitchBot Lock has a Keypad with which you can set a temporary passcode for the guests. When the guests come, you can control the Bot to open the intercom for the guests, and they can enter your apartment with the passcode you sent them to unlock the door.


How are the SwitchBot Lock and SwitchBot Bot supplied with power?

They all use batteries that you can replace. The battery life for the Lock is around 6 months. Bot can last over a year.

Do you need a Hub?

For the Bot, you need a hub that helps the Bot connect to the cloud so that you can control the intercom remotely. The SwitchBot Lock can unlock the door using a Keypad without Hub. But if you want to set a temporary passcode remotely, then you need a Hub Mini.

Can I control my garage door with the Bot?

As long as your garage door can be opened with a button, then a Bot can do it. Check the detailed instruction.