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SwitchBot Meter_This just might help save lives this winter.
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This just might help save lives this winter. 

Winter’s coming, which means one thing and one thing only for most of us. Cold, cold, cold. And with the cold, comes bills, heating bills to be precise, (it ain’t getting cheaper out there, not in today’s economic climate by any means) and a host of unwanted coughs, colds, and unwanted health hazards. So how can we help make the winter a little bit easier to deal with? It’s probably time you took a look at Meter/Meter Plus…

Best Digital Hygrometer for Humidor
Home Security, SwitchBot Meter Plus

Smart meters, every cigar humidor’s dream. 

No matter where you put it, SwitchBot Meter Plus is definitely something worth considering if temperature is important to you, especially those of you who perhaps have allergies, are worried about the effect of humidity on health, or perhaps you’re just trying to look after fragile things that may be affected by temperature at home (like cigars for example).

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