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SwitchBot Lock, to Wi-Fi, or not to WiFi, that is the question.
Home Security

SwitchBot Lock, to Wi-Fi, or not to WiFi, that is the question. 

SwitchBot Lock can be installed on top of your door lock without the need for you to remove or replace anything. It can be connected to your phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, whether or not it is networked, allowing you to easily unlock your door without a key. So what’s the difference between using it via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? Well, we’ll show you below.

SwitchBot Lock: smart lock
Home Security, SwitchBot Lock

Wait, what? You can now make any old lock smart? 

Living in an apartment or house that uses a traditional door lock, but want experience something a little smarter? Like, ya know. Without keys, remote locking, or all that nice stuff. Well, for some of us, this transformation isn’t as easy as it might be for others due to original door locks, leasing contracts, landlords, and what not, which makes changing your original lock a bit harder, especially with the risk of damaging your lock, or even your relationship with your landlord (boo).

Can fake fingerprints unlock Keypad Touch (1)
Home Security

Can fake fingerprints unlock Keypad Touch? 

Does it ever make you wonder, what happens to our fingerprints? Are they secure? Can they be stolen when exposed? And… Why are there always cases of false fingerprint identification? The deeper concern is, is the fingerprint technology used by electronic devices safe enough? Are there ways to prevent fingerprint theft?

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