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SwitchBot: Pan/Tilt Cam VS Indoor Cam 

Security systems play an important part in keeping people safe, be they at malls, office parks, schools, or anywhere else. Homes need just as much protection, particularly due to the wide threat landscape. Commonly, burglary and home invasion are amongst the biggest reasons that people choose to enhance their home security, but a good system doesn’t necessarily have to be reserved for disasters. You might simply want to keep an eye on what is going on in and around your home throughout the day, and equipment such as cameras enable that.  At SwitchBot, we make Smart home security systems with innovative designs built to protect, and our Pan/Tilt and Indoor Cameras play a vital role in ensuring this. Both cameras serve different purposes to meet different home security needs. So, what are the differences, and which is right for you? Read on. Pan/Tilt Camera:  The rotational abilities of the SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam allow you to see every inch of the space it is made for, meaning you never miss a thing. Other key features include: 360° rotation horizontally and 115° vertically Automatic detection and set detection zones Motion tracking Smart notifications Advanced Privacy Mode  Night vision HD 1080p video…

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