Meet Shawn Anderson, a musician from Surry in the UK. As a first-time homeowner (congrats!), she’s been looking for ways to make her new home a little bit more different than usual. And with the help of some of our products, it looks like she found exactly what she was looking for.
Shawn is now very much on the way when it comes to her Smart Home journey, with SwitchBot helping her get a foot in the…erm, smart home door.

Q: How easy was it to set up?

A: As first-time SwitchBot users, we found it super easy to set up the SwitchBot Curtain Rod2. Fortunately, the unit fitted perfectly on the curtain pole in our bedroom, however for thicker curtain poles (such as the one in our living room) it would have needed some adjustment. Once the app was downloaded, fitting the units in place was a simple process. The app gives thorough instructions with animated videos to give a step-by-step walkthrough of how to install the SwitchBot Curtain device. The SwitchBot app features a concise dashboard displaying widgets for each unit – a clear and simple user interface which is easy to navigate. The only difficulty we encountered was reaching the curtain poles, so be sure to have a stepladder (or a tall pair of hands) at the ready!
SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2 is available for sale via our official website or Amazon and can be found by simply pressing the link here.
As for the Thermometer and Hygrometer Plus, there was practically no setup or installation involved! The app registered the unit immediately. All we had to do was remove the insulation sheet from the battery case. The device had arrived fully charged, so once we switched it on, it instantly displayed a reading of the temperature and humidity within our apartment.
SwitchBot Meter is available for sale via our official website or Amazon and can be found by simply pressing the link here.

Q: What’s your favourite product, and why?

A: We love the SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2! Having the bedroom curtains open on a timer so that we can wake up with the natural light feels like such a luxury feature to have in our home. Early-morning sunlight exposure is a hot topic at the moment – it’s said to benefit your circadian rhythm, encouraging the release and regulation of hormones such as dopamine and cortisol, which increase energy levels throughout the day. Having this sunlight exposure automated via a timer on our curtains helps us create a healthy morning routine without having to lift a finger.

Q: What problems did the Thermometer and Hygrometer Plus help you solve at home?

A: We’re really happy to have a hygrometer in the home. There has been a huge investigation into mould growth in UK housing recently, as it’s caused such a severe health and welfare issue for so many households. Monitoring the moisture levels in our flat enables us to manage humidity within the apartment, keeping damp and mould issues at bay.
If you’re having trouble at home with mould and are based in the UK, you can read this article here for more information.
We’re so glad Shawn took the first step in trying to make home life easier, safer, and more health conscious when it comes to the environment around her. So what’s your favourite SwitchBot product? Have you also just entered the smart home world and have a story you want to share? Fill out our user story form here and share your stories with us for a chance to get your hands on free smart home products and a chance to be featured in our blog!