It’s finally here, our SwitchBot Points program is now online! Yes, that’s right! You can now start collecting points by registering products to your account. Once you’ve accumulated points, you’ll be able to use points as cashback to purchase new SwitchBot products on our official online store. With double cashback during our promotion period.

With SwitchBot Points, every 10 points you earn equals $1, and during our launch promotion we’re giving you the option to get double cashback with every 10 points equalling $2 during this time!

We’re also giving 500 people the chance to be able to trade in just 100 SwitchBot Points for 1 SwitchBot Bot (RRP $29).

Please note: SwitchBot Points Program for our Japanese Store is now online, however our points promotion will be starting on October 9th. Check here for more details:

How do I get points?

*To get your points, your SwitchBot app version must be at least v6.15 and above.

No matter where you buy SwitchBot products, you’ll be able to earn points when you add devices to your SwitchBot Points account. All you need to do is connect your SwitchBot app account to your SwitchBot website account and you’ll be able to view all your SwitchBot Points information via our website. Not sure how to connect your accounts? Read this blog:

Ok, I’ve got SwitchBot Points, how do I use them?

Log in to your SwitchBot website account, select the products you want to purchase, enter the checkout page, adjust the redeem bar to select the amount of points you want to use, and click redeem to deduct.

Please note:

1) Once you click Redeem, points will be deducted and will not be returned no matter whether you have made a purchase or not, please confirm you 100% want to use your points before you press redeem!

2) A minimum of 10 SwitchBot points must be used when redeeming.

If you are browsing using your mobile phone, please note that after you arrive at the checkout page, you will need to select show order summary to see the points deduction option.

It’s time to start collecting points!

Our double cashback promotion is only available for a limited time (Sep 26th – October 8th), so act fast! Get redeeming!

If you encounter any problems you can contact our customer service for help: