So picture this, you’re coming home exhausted after work, you’re still at the front door fumbling around for your keys. Come on! It’s 2023! It’s time to start using your smartphone or even a passcode to unlock your door.
This is why we decided to make SwitchBot Lock, and what’s more, we’ve provided both networked and non-networked connection options to help make life even easier.
SwitchBot Lock can be installed on top of your door lock without the need for you to remove or replace anything. It can be connected to your phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, whether or not it is networked, allowing you to easily unlock your door without a key. So what’s the difference between using it via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? Well, we’ll show you below.

What's so great about using Wi-Fi?

1. Control your lock remotely, yay!

With a smart lock connected via Wi-Fi, you can easily control your lock remotely by just using your smartphone. Great for when you need to let people in when you’re not at home. You can unlock your door for them wherever you are in just a few simple steps and save yourself the hassle of having to rush back to let them in. And guess what? You can also control your lock from anywhere in your home through the Wi-Fi connection too, without having to rely on being within Bluetooth range to do so.

2. Keep track of entry and exit records for home security.

Got kids? Whenever your children come home from school SwitchBot Lock when connected via Wi-Fi can also automatically save locking and unlocking records. As a parent, you can check these records at any time to ensure the safety of your children. This feature is especially useful for users who need to go out frequently or for long periods of time, as they can keep track of the activity in their home and detect any abnormal situations in a timely manner.

3. Integrate your smart lock with other smart home devices for more convenience.

You can also remotely unlock your door using a voice assistant such as Google Home, Alexa, or Siri. And great home automation scenes with smart devices in your home, such as lights, air conditioning, and speakers, enabling them to automatically turn on to create a comfortable living environment for you. Through our smart home platform, SwitchBot Lock can be integrated with other SwitchBot devices too, helping make life even easier.
Please note, using SwitchBot Lock via Wi-Fi requires a SwitchBot Hub.
You can purchase a SwitchBot Lock and Hub Mini Combo here.

So, what about the disadvantages?

Sometimes, with pros, there are cons. But you can check both different connecting methods and decide which is best for you (and you can always swap and change between). Wi-fi, gives you a lot of freedom in terms of movement, but:

1. Dependence on network stability.

If there is a problem with your Wi-Fi network at home, your smart lock may be affected. Therefore, choosing to connect via Wi-Fi requires ensuring the stability of your home network.

2. Additional costs.

Compared to the Bluetooth connection method, connecting via Wi-Fi requires the purchase of an additional Hub device, which some may find more expensive.

Ok, enough about Wi-Fi, how else can I connect to SwitchBot Lock?

Easy, via Bluetooth! So what makes Bluetooth that little bit better when compared to Wi-Fi?

1. Power-saving

In comparison, Bluetooth connections are more power-efficient. Bluetooth technology consumes less energy when transmitting data, which is beneficial in prolonging the lifespan of your SwitchBot Lock smart lock and reduces the need to replace batteries often.

2. High stability

For users living in areas with unstable network signals, Connecting via Bluetooth is an ideal choice. Even if there are problems with your home Wi-Fi signal, your Bluetooth-connected smart lock can still function properly, providing something more stable and reliable. At the same time, purchasing a SwitchBot Lock, Keypad Touch Combo can enable you to unlock your door using passcodes, fingerprints, and cards, making it more convenient without the need for a smartphone.
touch to open lock

3. Cost-saving

Using your smart lock via Bluetooth does not require the purchase of an additional Hub device, making it less expensive than using via Wi-Fi and more suitable for users with limited budgets.

Disadvantages of using Bluetooth

1. Limited control range.

Due to the limited control range of Bluetooth, you cannot remotely check the status of your front door or control your lock when further away from your device (SwitchBot Lock).

2. Monitoring is not possible.

Compared to Wi-Fi connections, unlocking records with Bluetooth connections can not be recorded, so users can not check these records, which can be a bummer.

3. Limited linkage with other smart devices.

Bluetooth connections cannot easily link with other smart home devices like a Wi-Fi connection can, which affects the convenience of setting up home automation to some extent.

So, is Wi-Fi right for you?

So, as you can see, choosing the right connection method for you can be a little tricking when it comes to smart locks. You’ll need to consider your needs, usage scenarios, and budget too. Still feeling a little fuzzed? Here are some suggestions that might just help you make your mind up.

You're a Wi-Fi kinda person if...

  1. You have a high demand for smart home devices and you want your smart lock to easily link with other smart home devices that you have at home, such as smart lights, smart home security systems, and more.
  2. You’re someone who frequently needs to control your door remotely, and often have friends, babysitters, or tenants coming and going.
remote control lock
Hey! Did you know you can generate one-time or short-term passwords for visitors when using SwitchBot Keypad or Keypad Touch?
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code to unlock

And so, you'll probably prefer just Bluetooth if...

  1. You have a lower demand for smart locks, or you only need a smart lock that simplifies the process of opening and closing your door, and do not require advanced features such as remote control and monitoring.
  2. You’re someone who lives somewhere with a home network that is unstable.
And so there you have it. Wi-Fi connections allow you to enjoy the convenience of smart home devices, enabling you to control them remotely and connect them together for a better home automation experience. And on the other hand, Bluetooth connections are there to provide you with a stable and secure smart lock experience.
There is no right answer. Consider your needs, usage scenarios, and budget to select the way you use SwitchBot Lock.
So what are you waiting for? Take the first step through the door (pun definitely intended) and use SwitchBot Lock to help make your door become smarter in just a few easy steps.

SwitchBot Lock + Keypad Touch Combo