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Home automation systems like the SwitchBot provide convenience and comfort to the home. The SwitchBot product can be used in multiple ways, including as a smart plug, light switch, and home security system.

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Deals on SwitchBot at 30% off

Combining two products will always be cheaper than purchasing each one individually. These combos are great for people looking to save money and get started with a smart home. The prices are listed below with a discount.

Curtain combo: 2*Curtain Robot + SwitchBot Hub Mini

This curtain combo includes two SwitchBot Curtains and SwitchBot Hub Mini that controls the second set. You can use it to adjust the gap between two curtains so that they will not touch each other when you close them. In addition, you can also use it to adjust the distance between two curtains so that they do not overlap when you open them.

Bot starter combo: SwitchBot Bot + SwitchBot Hub Mini

SwitchBot Bot Starter Combo includes a Hub Mini and a smart button presser. This Combo lets you control your home’s lights remotely and by voice. Using the Hub Mini, you can operate IR appliances with just one remote control, auto-learning voice remote control, or an app-controlled universal remote control. You can also play music or watch TV with the Hub Mini.

SwitchBot Bot Starter Combo

Lock combo: SwitchBot Lock +SwitchBot Hub Mini + SwitchBot Keypad

The lock combo comes with a free SwitchBot Keypad and a free Hub Mini. This keyless entry smart lock can be programmed to grant access to anyone who knows the four-digit code, which is also included on your home’s mailbox key.

SwitchBot Keypad is a smart device that you can use on your door so that it can be locked from the outside without having to get inside the house.

Lock Combo

Curtain combo: curtain + hub mini/ curtain + hub mini + meter + remote

The Curtain Combo is a set of four products: A Curtain Robot, a hub mini, a remote, and a meter. The hub mini is a Home Kit that helps you remotely turn off and on your appliances when you leave or come home. It also includes a temperature and humidity sensor to detect indoor temperature and humidity and turn it on when entering the room. SwitchBot Curtain can automate your curtain without handing and walking.

Solar panel combo: curtain + solar panel

The Solar panel Combo is a set of two products: The SwitchBot Curtain uses a Bluetooth connection to connect to your smartphone. With the solar panel attached, you can continue to use the smart curtain even without the sun. When it gets dark, it will turn on automatically. As soon as the light is on, it will turn off again. Additionally, you can control it using a smartphone or other WiFi-enabled device.

SwitchBot Solar Panel Combo

Switchbot Meter Plus combo: meter plus + hub mini

With the Switchbot meter plus Combo: meter plus + hub mini, you can measure the indoor temperature and turn on your lights automatically when the temperature goes out of range. These devices can be used in either the home or in the office.

The Hub Mini is a WiFi-enabled IoT hub with a built-in battery that allows you to connect your appliances to the Switchbot APP. You can access all the sensor data at any time on your smartphone or tablet using the app.

Meter Plus Combo

Bot combo: bot + hub mini + meter + remote

This bob combo includes Bot, Hub Mini, meter, and remote. You can use the hub mini to connect your smartphone and other devices. In addition to acting as a hub mini, it can also act as a power bank, allowing you to charge your smartphone or another device.

You can use the meter to measure the power consumption in your home and get an accurate reading of how much energy you have used. You can also use it to save money by turning off unneeded appliances when not in use.

All of these products can be controlled remotely using a remote control.

Bot Combo

Sensor combo: motion sensor + contact sensor

This Combo makes your life easier. The motion and contact sensors are beneficial because they detect motion and contact. The motion sensor will detect when something has moved in front of it. The contact sensor will detect when someone enters or walks out.

Final Words

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