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Switchbot is a brand introduced in 2016. Switchbot offers numerous products that make our life easier and more luxurious. Switchbot helps its customers to transfer their traditional homes into smart homes within a short period. Switchbot offers comfortable life, devices provided by Switchbot transform the world into a more attractive and peaceful place to live. Like robots, smart devices assure their duties and make homes a place of accessibility and fun. Switchbot team has successfully manufactured the products and devices that manage every tiny detail of our homes. Despite struggles and running behind things and shouting, the smart devices of Switchbot control the whole home with one voice only. In the race of seconds, smart homes are economically suitable and accommodatable.

Smart Home

Home is simply referring to a place where a person lives with family and spends most of the time of his life. All necessary items are available at home, from the kitchen to the roof person is willingly saving every corner of the home security and protection. In old age, people struggle with their lives; they make their livings by working hard for maximum hours of the day. With time, the world starts transformations, technology develops, and workers who struggle for the maximum hours complete their work within minutes. 

Talking about the conversion of homes, running from door to door, closing the windows of the whole home, and turning the lights home off is a deal of running from room to room. Now, smart devices are available that convert your home into a smart home. You can close your doors with the help of contact sensors; you can automatically lock them with the assistance of smart lockers, windows, and curtains via your voice and remote control. You can control the activity of the whole home just with one device. The establishment of such technology in a home makes it a smart home. 

Different products are available at Switchbot sites that convert your homes into smarter ones. A few of them are mentioned below. 

SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2

SwitchBot Curtain rod 2 is easy to install and can be controlled with the help of any Android or Apple device. As the SwitchBot curtain can automate via remote, there are chances of forgetting about their charging or removing from charging. Here is a perfect solution, SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2 can connect with a Switchbot Solar Panel. Solar panels monitor charging efficiently. The device will get maximum charging, and maximum usage has been expected during the night. Well, Curtain Rod 2 also can work with Alexa, google assistant.

SwitchBot Smart Lock

Usually, people use traditional keys to lock their homes and to keep them safe from robbers. A smart lock is the latest lock people can use for security and entrance purposes. Smart locks use the newest system of verification. Entering a home without a key is not just an image these days. Yes, you can enter your home without keys and exit from your home without keys. Wirelessly you can verify and unlock your door while entering a home.

SwitchBot Lock
SwitchBot Lock

SwitchBot Meter Plus

Switchbot meter plus is used to maintain indoor temperature. It can connect with different appliances like an air conditioner, so the air conditioner will automatically control the temperature of your room. With the assistance of the Switchbot meter plus, neither will your room be too cool nor too hot. You were sleeping peacefully with the assistance of smart devices.

SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam

SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam can be used to monitor different activities going on within that place. It can provide a live stream with a wide angle of 130° from anywhere. You can set it anywhere, in the office, home, or any other place, and it can record audio in addition to the video. Front views are also visible with the assistance of a Switchbot tilt cam. This cam can store and support SD cards. It is a whole package of live streaming available at the sale of 30% off.

SwitchBot Plug Mini

Switchbot plug mini assists the usage of energy by different devices. It manages the electrical power of appliances that have been used after connecting with them. Switchbot plug mini can be managed by the command of your voice. It can be used to manage the light system of the home. Other than those, TVs and humidifiers can be used with its assistance. Switchbot coupon is offering a deal of 30% off for their customers on a prime day.

Curtain starter combo

Different combos are available in Switchbot deals. In the agreement of curtain starter combo, two curtains and a mini-hub is available with the sale of 30% off. Curtain starters are mini devices that monitor the movement of curtains. It can be installed quickly and manage curtains within 30 seconds.

Bot starter combos

A bot and a hub mini are available at the Switchbot coupon. Switchbot sale is offering 30% off for these deals. Bot starter combos are efficient in case of device performances.

Lock combo

Switchbot coupon offers a deal of lock combo, which contain a lock, hub mini, and keypad. A lock combo is used for opening and closing doors without keys. Prime day sale offers a lock combo with a similar deal of 30% off.

Solar panel combo

The solar panel combo is available in different sizes that will save solar energy and make your devices use solar energy differently. Curtain and solar panels are the parts of Switchbot sales that are available on all Switchbot sites with a discount of 30%.

Bot combos

Bot combos can manage the light system of a home. Bot combos contain bot, hub mini, meter, and remote. Smart items are available at a discount of 30% off; you can grab them from Switchbot sites. 

Different kinds of sales are available at Switchbot sites. Below these sites are mentioned, and remember, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity.