SwitchBot is a passionate team dedicated to making smart products that help enrich people’s lives by making the world around us more interactive, fun, and accessible.

Retrofitting houses with smart products is economically feasible, so SwitchBot offers 30% off all products on the site from July 12th to 13th!

Our smart products have made many people’s lives easier by helping them perform tasks, but most importantly, SwitchBot has made everyone feel safe and secure with our technology. 

Want to know more?

Since you probably want to make your life easier by buying SwitchBot products, and especially by taking advantage of this 30% off opportunity, here are the products we recommend to you at SwitchBot: 

SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2 

SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2 has a more precise shape, so it is compatible with many types of curtain rods. So it’s compatible on all levels. You should note that it is also compatible with Alexa, and it is also compatible with the SwitchBot remote. You can then control and program it via the SwitchBot app.

Curtain U Rail 2

It integrates curtains miraculously and has the same properties as the SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2. and it supports the type of U rail-shape Curtains.

Smart Lock

SwitchBot Lock is an easy way to upgrade your existing door locks. It promises to upgrade your old locking system without having to upgrade it. 

This new smart home lock system has seven ways to unlock your door. It is compatible with a range of other different locks. Close to providing customers with intelligent home safety protection.

SwitchBot Meter Plus

You can now monitor coolness, warmth, and humidity at a glance using our all-new 3-inch SwitchBot Meter Plus. It can help you see data more clearly than our competitors; it’s now more precise, prominent, and much better. It means you’ll be able to see temperature and humidity readings even if you’re short-sighted or looking at Meter Plus from far away.

SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam

Equipped with a 1080p 2-megapixel f2.0 aperture camera, SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam can let more light in. Using the Pan and Tilt feature, our camera can swivel from left to right and tilt up and down, enabling you to view your entire room—making images more detailed and ensuring better results in lighting conditions.

SwitchBot Plug Mini

A built-in Plug Mini allows you to view real-time energy consumption data, which means you can turn off idle devices anytime, anywhere, while saving energy and money. The Plug Mini can help you check historical energy consumption and record the specific time of the equipment, and the energy consumption data can also be exported.

The best SwitchBot combos : 

Curtain starter combo

Use SwitchBot’s Curtains to open or close curtains from your bed!

 The installation time of the SwitchoBot Curtain does not exceed 30 seconds. All you have to do is download the SwitchBot app on your phone and control your blinds. You can then set the curtains’ parameters and when they open and close.  

The SwitchBot Hub Mini included is easy to use, and you can connect all SwitchBot products to this device. You can put it anywhere because it’s USB powered. It is also compatible with Wi-Fi and 4G. It can be controlled via Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT.

With this device, you can safely turn off all your lights and air conditioners and also know that no one is sneaking into your house.

Bot starter combo

Do you want to turn a switch on or off without moving it?

The SwitchBot Bot makes it possible! It’s the smart button pusher for your home.

Just stick it next to any light switch or home appliance button, and it’s effortless to use. It also has a long lifespan. 

Here is a combo that contains a Bot and a hub mini which you can install anywhere and with which you can combine all your SwitchBot products. 

Lock combo

SwitchBot Smart Lock has already been introduced above. and SwitchBot Hub Mini is easy to use. With this device, you can connect all your SwitchBot products. You can place it anywhere. It is also Wi-Fi and 4G compatible. It is controllable via Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT. 

This Keypad is waterproof, stays lit at night without light, and is powered by a battery that lasts 17,520 hours! Although SwitchBot Keypad is very efficient, you can add a password and use your fingerprint or even your card to unlock your door. Additionally, the Switch Bot provides standard keys when needed.

Curtain Combo:

There are two options for this combo:

Curtains and Hub Mini

 SwitchBot Installation is simple and only takes 30 seconds. All you need to do is download the SwitchBot app and control your phone from anywhere.

They can also be controlled via Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT. With these devices, you can turn off all the lights and air conditioners, but you also know that no one is breaking into your home.

Curtains, Hub Mini, Meters & Remotes

We have already introduced you to the SwitchBot Curtain and SwitchBot Hub Mini. What is the remote used for?

We add SwitchBot Remote to this combo. It is compatible with the SwitchBot curtain but also with the Bot. 

Solar panel combo

This combo comes with a rechargeable battery and an 8-month built-in SwitchBot Curtain battery. You can control it through the SwitchBot app controls, opening and closing the blinds with the push of a button.

Once the solar panel is connected to the SwitchBot Curtain, you don’t need to charge it!

Switchbot Meter Plus Combo:

The combo includes a SwitcBot Meter Plus and a Hub that you can control via the SwitchBot app and is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and IFTTT.

Bot combo:

This combo includes a bot, a hub mini, a meter, and a remote compatible with the SwitchBot Curtain and SwitchBot Bot.

Sensor combo

This combo includes a Contact Sensor and a Motion Sensor

SwitchBot touch sensors keep you safe.

It can detect all movements, including the opening and closing of doors, day or night. Thanks to its high-end technology, it has a light sensor that lights up with your every movement.

It can be controlled via a mobile app. Your phone will be alerted if a suspicious person enters the house while you are away.

The SwitchBot’s Motion Sensor can detect your body movement up to 30 feet away.

You can adjust them and increase or decrease the sensitivity setting. We recommend turning this off if you don’t want to receive too many messages.

Also, the motion sensor works perfectly with the Echo device. When connected to the SwitchBot Mini Hub, Alexa will notify you when the motion sensor detects your movements.

In this combination, motion sensors are accompanied by contact sensors.

We invite you to click here and buy SwitchBot products to simplify your lifestyle! So take your chance now!