Black Friday is soon upon us. Which means there’s savings to be had for all of you looking to get your mits on SwitchBot goodies! Our Black Friday promotion this will take place beginning from November 17th and run until November 27th, with the biggest discounts of year here, reaching up to 40% off on selected items!
In order to help you avoid the hassle of figuring out what you can save on, we have carefully compiled a little list of our favorite products for you, making it easy for you all to purchase the things that interest you most.

It's 2023, and our industry changing new robot vacuum is here!

K10+ is 50% smaller than traditional robot vacuums, measuring in at just 24.8cm!
Please note: K10+ is currently only available in the US, UK, EU, and JPN.
K10+ is compact to help make it easier and more efficient at cleaning narrow spaces, allowing for flexible movement around corners, table legs, even between sofa spaces in your home!
If you live in an apartment, K10+’s unique SilenTech Technology™ also is something worth mentioning as it enables our robot vacuum to work at sounds as low as 48dB, which helps prevent disturbances when in use. Which means neighbours will stay happy, and you have some peace and quiet too!
A 100% fully automated plumbing connected floor cleaning robot, capable of automatically adding water and draining sewage, with a Roller Mop that cleans in real-time. SwitchBt S10 is also the world’s first robot that can add water to a humidifier.
This is a fully automatic cleaning robot, which takes just a few minutes to connect your home water supply (like a washing machine might do) and can be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, or even laundry rooms. Once set up, you’ll be able to enjoy a hands-free cleaning experience like no other!
S10 is perfect for larger houses that have flooring or carpets alike, and also includes stronger cleaning power! A great choice when it comes to automatic home cleaning!

SwitchBot Smart Hub

As an entry level smart home hub, SwitchBot Hub Mini has won the love of many users due to its extremely high cost-effectiveness since its launch.
It can control many common infrared household appliances, such as projectors, TVs, air conditioners, annd more making it practical for people who often cannot find their remote controls. In addition, it also enables users to use things such as cloud control, set customized schedules and scenes, and link SwitchBot devices together. It also enables you to control devices using third-party smart assistants.
Compared to the previous generation Hub Mini, new SwitchBot Hub 2 now features more device functions, including: built-in scene control buttons, and temperature/humidity screen, a temperature and humidity sensor, and a built-in light sensor too.
Most importantly, it enables Matter support, allowing selected SwitchBot devices to HomeKit compatible! If you plan to start building a smart home, SwitchBot Hub 2 is definitely a must-have!

SwitchBot Smart Curtain/Blind Tilt Opener

Feeling like your curtains are placed too high, or maybe a little bit bulky? Have elderly parents or children at home that find it difficult to open and close curtains on their own? If the answer to either of the above is a yes, then SwitchBot Curtain 3 is for you.
Newly upgraded, SwitchBot Curtain 3 is currently the best retrofit smart curtain solution you’ll be able ot find on the market right now, supporting most styles of curtains and curtain rods thanks to its quiet and powerful motor. With QuietDrive™ mode SwitchBot Curtain 3 will move at a pace that emits sounds as low as 25dB, making it perfect for waking children or yourself using just the morning sun at a preferred time every day, helping to improve sleep quality.
If you have multiple curtain blinds located in your home or office but want to make them smart, you don’t need to replace them. With a very simple retrofit device, you can upgrade old blinds and make them smart for a fraction of the price!
SwitchBot Blind Tilt is powered by solar panels, helping to save both energy and money. When automating you blinds, you can now control shutter opening and closing angle up to the closest 2 °, so that the lighting in your room is always just right, making it very suitable for taking care of spaces with pets and plants sensitive to light. This means you no longer have to go to the window every time you want to adjust, helping make life a little less strenuous.

SwitchBot Home Security

Ever feel like you want to experience the convenience of smart locks, but are scared that replacing the door lock you currently own is too cumbersome and expensive? SwitchBot Lock is a great solution you can use to make old locks smart. It’s intuitive and cost-effective too.
There is no need to remove any part of your existing door lock, you only need to attach or screw SwitchBot Lock to your door. Once set up, you’ll be able to enjoy a simple keyless life! It can also help you solve some other common problems such as: opening the door for children and parents who have forgotten to bring their keys. Automatic locking, preventing you from forgetting to lock your door when you leave home, and many more.
And when using SwitchBot Lock in conjunction with Keypad Touch, you can also ‘unlock’ (see what I did there?) even more methods to use, such as fingerprint unlocking, passcode unlock, NFC cards, and more.
Using Outdoor Spotlight Cam can help you easily secure the front of your home, whether it’s for express deliveries or just to see if there are strangers wandering in your front yard. It can help you survey the surrounding area 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, and also send you notifications when something is up.
Installation is simple and it does not require power or wiring thanks to being powered by a 10000mAh battery and solar panels, and you can install it anywhere you need to monitor: in the garden, garage, in front of the door, and so on.

SwitchBot Home life

Many users are fond of Outdoor Meter due to its IP65 waterproof rating, making it suitable for outdoor use and environments where it might come into contact with water.
In winter, it can be placed in gardens and and on balconies to monitor the temperature and humidity around your house. It’s the equivalent to a small weather station and can let you know if you need to put on clothes to keep warm; or when your water pipes outside on outdoor walls are at risk of rupture due to excessive cold. We also suggest that you add a Hub 2 to view the outdoor temperature and humidity display remotely.
Meter Plus is a temperature and humidity meter designed specifically for indoor use, with a design made to fit in perfectly at home, and a 3.1-inch screen. You can easily read temperature and humidity data from any angle at home.
When it’s dry in winter, coming Meter with our Humidifier, and you’ll be able to automate home to keep your room environment humid and comfortable. You can place Meter anywhere, such as in the kitchen refrigerator, hallway, bedside, in front of your work desk, wherever you want!
We’ve forgot to turn off the lights when we were lying in bed and preparing to rest at one time or another. SwitchBot Bot is great for this, because it allows you to autmatically turn off (or no, depending on how you use it) various devices.

All you need to do is just attach it beside any switch at home to achieve automation of various old household appliances. For example, switch buttons for electric lights, computers, air purifiers, garage doors, the list is endless.

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During Black Friday, all the above products we just mentioned will be on discount. We are also preparing more mysterious surprises and gifts for you too to help make it a little more fun. Don’t miss this year’s lowest discount on SwitchBot products, get going, and save!