Own an Apple Watch? Have you downloaded our app for your watch yet?
If not… Well what are you waiting for!? With Apple Watch, Wi-Fi at home, SwitchBot devices, and an iPhone in hand, you’re able to control your smart home devices in so many different ways!
Like the mobile version of our app, with your Apple Watch you can control our products*, manual scenes, and even check device status . It sounds like a simpler version of our mobile app, right? So what’s all the fuss about?
*Please refer to our FAQs for more details regarding what devices can be controlled and what actions can be performed.

So what's it like using Apple Watch with SwitchBot devices?

There’s a ton of stuff you can do using your Apple Watch. And we’ve listed a few here:
  • When out running, if you’ve left your smartphone at home, you can use your Apple Watch to unlock your front door and turn on your air conditioner in advance.
  • Unlock SwitchBot Lock when you go out for a short time without your smartphone, great for tasks such as buying coffee or taking out the garbage.
  • Sitting at your work station? Not sure if your lights/air conditioners at home are turned off? Check device status straight from your wrist.
  • Want to perform a manual scene when you’re getting ready for bed, but don’t want your phone around to prevent distractions (or in my case, an extra hour of Tik Tok)… Just use your watch!
  • Just woke up? Simply raise your wrist, open our app, and start your Good Morning scene, super easy.
  • When driving into your garage, raise your hand to wake Siri up to use Shortcuts, and select your Bot* affixed to the garage door to open it remotely (when used with Hub Mini).

How do I get my hands on your Apple Watch app?

  • Firstly, pair your smartphone with an Apple Watch. For instructions on how to do this, you can check out Apple’s own support pages here.
  • Open the Watch App and select SwitchBot from the Downloadable App area.
  • After downloading our app, you can use your Apple Watch to control SwitchBot devices!
*To control Bluetooth devices aside from SwitchBot Lock on Apple Watch, you will need to use SwitchBot Hub Mini .

Usage Examples!

  • It’s always faster to raise your wrist and tap to start.
  • SwitchBot can be set to be a part of your Apple Watch panel for quick access*. Means that you can enter the SwitchBot App without clicking any icons on your home screen.
*Update SwitchBot App to V6.23 to set quick access.
So what do you think? Do you know any other great Apple Watch usage examples? Let us know on social media!
Stay cool.