I hate my iPhone and its alarms! Ahh!

There’s something that attacks you when you’re sleeping. Some of us might feel a premonition, and our bodies remember such fear so much that our brain even sets off an alarm saying:
It’s coming, it’s coming!
No it’s not Freddy Kruger… It’s your smartphone’s wake up alarm, and especially on work days.
I’m sure I’m not the only one who hates waking up in the dark to a loud alarm that suddenly rings throughout the room, as if plucked from a dream. After waking up in such a way, I’m usually one of many who finds their heart pounding for a while, and as I brush my teeth, the light-headedness is still yet to subside…and I have a hard time getting back on my feet.
You may think it’s such an exaggeration, but it’s actually scientifically proven that forcing yourself to wake up due to a loud alarm puts a strain on your heart and mind. According to a study by Harvard Medical School, forcing yourself to wake up to the sound of an alarm can disrupt the normal secretion of hormones, throw off your normal body clock cycle, accelerate your heart rate, and increase your blood pressure. It’s recognized. Furthermore, in a study published in the American scientific journal on sleep that found long-term and frequent sudden interruptions in sleep can affect memory and learning ability, and lead to psychological problems such as anxiety and depression. Hmm, sounds like a problem.
So, what is the best way to wake up for both your mind and body? Sadly, not working is not an option… But hopefully in this article, we’ll be able to introduce an innovative way to wake up that is gentle on both the mind and body!

Put it on Do Not Disturb.

One of the useful tools that comes with your iPhone by default is a feature called Do Not Disturb, or Sleep mode. With these functions, it is possible to restrict incoming calls during sleep and turn off notifications from apps, but many people may be wondering… Will my alarm ring during sleep mode? Er, the answer is, yes. Your alarm will still ring.
Unlike normal alarm sounds on your iPhone, the alarms that sound off during Sleep mode plays a slow and gentle melody, allowing you to wake up in a healthier manner, definitely worth a try.

Use scent stimulation as an alarm clock.

Scents such as coffee, lemon, and rosemary stimulate the sense of smell, and are said to have the effect of awakening the brain and awakening people. It may be a little different from a stimulating scent, but have you ever had the experience of waking up to the aromatic smell of coffee. This works too, and shows that scents are as effective as alarm clocks.
So why not try using SwitchBot products to create a scent that will wake you up according to your wake-up time. For example, use SwitchBot Bot to set your coffee maker to start automatically when you wake up and in the morning, you can wake up to the sound of coffee being brewed and smell an aromatic aroma to get your day started. This is probably a little more suited for weekends though, where you don’t have to wake up on time, or for people who want to get into the habit of getting up early.

Create a more visual way to wake up.

If an alarm wakes you up using sound, and a coffee maker wakes you up using your sense of smell, what about a visual way to wake you up? As you know, we mostly sleep at night and are active during the day. You could say that this is our life rhythm, that is common not only to humans but to all living things. The mechanism of this life rhythm is related to a substance called melatonin secreted in our body. We as creatures secrete more melatonin, which promotes sleepiness, when it gets dark at night, and the secretion of melatonin decreases when we are exposed to sunlight during the day.
Using this mechanism, we can reproduce the natural phenomenon of night → morning using SwitchBot products. Ceiling Light’s Good Morning mode slowly brightens your light like a rising sun, helping you wake up feeling refreshed. This is recommended for people who naturally wake up when it gets bright, but don’t want to be blinded by sudden light.

Wake up feeling refreshed with natural sunshine.

Sunlight contains beneficial components such as ultraviolet rays, which help produce vitamin D, and infrared rays, which warm the body. In addition, it can adjust your body clock, improve quality of sleep, energizes the mind and strengthens the immune system.
Considering this, if you want to encourage waking up with a visual effect, wouldn’t it be best to have the sunlight come in according to a wake-up time rather than man-made lighting? Unless that is… Maybe you live on a low-rise floor in a building with poor sunlight and you can’t see from the outside when you open your curtains. Thus, an alarm using natural sunlight is also an effective method.
With SwitchBot Curtain 2, you can set your curtains to open at a fixed time every morning to wake you up using natural light. No DIY or curtain replacement is required, everything can be retrofitted in quick easy steps.

Natural sunrise, made even more natural.

Above, we proposed using smart curtains to create a personalized alarm by using natural light using SwitchBot Curtain 2. But this has a slight disadvantage. It might open a little too quickly for some people’s liking, making your room suddenly filled with natural light.
Also, you may find yourself scolding such devices as that can maybe make a little bit more noise when they’re operating, which might wake you up instead.
If you are looking to recreate a natural and gentle sunrise, we definitely recommend SwitchBot Curtain 3! Curtain 3 is equipped with QuietDrift™️ mode, which quietly and gently opens your curtains at less than 25 dB worth of sound. A operates at 5mm per second, allowing you to wake up to sunlight more pleasantly.
So whatd’ya think? If you don’t like mornings, or are struggling to wake up on time, try these 5 methods above!