It’s almost that time of the year again… No, not tax return time, it’s Prime Day! And as this promotion period approaches, we’re going to start by preparing a little product collection introduction to let you know a little bit more about six new products that we’ve released over the first half of this year. So, let’s get stuck in right away and take a look together!

SwitchBot Floor Cleaning Robot S10

Since its appearance at IFA in September last year, SwitchBot S10 has won the Best of IFA Award from a massive 10 media outlets. After its launch on Kickstarter in October last year it has also received support from 1316 backers. And to top it off, at the end of April this year, we officially launched to top praise from media and industry leaders alike, as well as our users (our favs, obv). But just why is this product so popular? Well, because it’s one of a kind! It is a 100% automatic smart Floor Cleaning Robot that can do anything from automatic vacuuming, mopping, dust collection, water refilling, draining, and even self-drying, and guess what? It’s ALL automated!

Some points you’ll love:​

  • Separating waste and water management into two smaller base stations with the SwitchBot S10 saves space, streamlines installation, and features a Water Station with Auto-Fill & Drain function. It is compact, adaptable to various plumbing systems, and comes with installation accessories for easy setup. Even an External Water Tank option is available if needed. Installation is quick and hassle-free.
  • The SwitchBot S10 includes a self-cleaning RevoRoll™ Roller mop that rotates 300 times/min, preventing dirt from spreading and ensuring a thorough clean. It lifts the mop on carpets and features a scraper for water stains, keeping it dry. The mop can automatically dry, S10 collects dust, and you can even add cleaning solution too. Other features include AI Obstacle Avoidance, Matter support, No-go Zones, and compatibility with our upcoming Evaporative Humidifier.
Still hesitant? Not sure? Well, during SwitchBot Prime Day, you’ll be able to save big so make sure you take up this offer while you can! We’ll also be able to extend your warranty period as part of our Prime Day promotion. So, what are you waiting for?
Auto-Refill & Drain
In the two years since the launch of the previous generation of SwitchBot Lock, our retrofit smart door lock has won widespread recognition from consumers. In order to provide users with a better experience when using smart door locks, we released a 2nd Gen, Lock Pro. Redesigned and improved in multiple areas including design, durability, convenience, and materials. Since its launch in March, Lock Pro has quickly topped the smart lock rankings on major media websites. So, what are the advantages of SwitchBot Lock Pro?
  • No DIY is required, and in just 10 minutes, your existing door lock can be upgraded to a smart door lock.
  • Lock Pro provides a complete set of unlocking solutions, including fast fingerprint unlocking, app control, and physical key unlocking, with up to 15 unlocking options to choose from. Keypad Touch is equipped with industry-leading fingerprint recognition technology, and can complete fingerprint recognition in 0.3 seconds with an accuracy rate of up to 98%.
  • With just one press, locking and unlocking can be easily achieved using Quick Key.
  • Comes with 4 x AA batteries as standard, with a maximum battery life of 9 months, you can also purchase a dual battery pack to use relay power charging with a maximum battery life of 12 months.
  • Lock Pro can also be used in conjunction with Hub Mini Matter Enabled, which supports HomeKit through Matter. Additionally, Hub Mini Matter Enabled is a universal infrared remote control that can help control IR devices like air conditioners, TVs, and other appliances too.
SwitchBot Lock Pro does it best when it comes to easy installation, unlocking, battery life, and Matter. SwitchBot Lock Pro Smart Combo includes: Lock Pro, Hub Mini Matter Enabled, and Keypad Touch giving you a complete smart lock experience. Get yours now.
SwitchBot Universal Remote as the name suggests… is a universal remote control. So what can it control? Well, almost everything! Infrared devices, such as your air conditioning, and lighting, Apple TV, Fire TV, and SwitchBot devices can all be controlled even without a network. Paired with SwitchBot Hub Mini Matter or SwitchBot Hub 2, it can also control HomeKit smart home devices that can be added to Apple Home.
Worried about water at home? With Water Leak Detector, when leakage occurs, you’ll immediately get an alarm to prevent accidents from causing damage and harm to your home or valuable items. We have launched two versions, one is SwitchBot Water Leak Detector and the other one is SwitchBot Water Leak Detector with Sensor Cable.

Both versions communicate through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (without the need for additional hubs), allowing you to monitor water leaks anytime, anywhere you are. They use 2 x AAA batteries and can last up to 24 months.

It is also IP67 waterproof and has three monitoring methods: drip, immersion, and water level (for the Sensor Cable version), as well as four alarm methods: local alarm sounds, app notifications, email notifications, and voice assistant notifications. And hey, because it’s small, you can place it in various hard-to-reach places that require leak detection, such as basements, kitchen cabinets, laundry rooms, bathrooms, sinks, warehouses, and so on.
The newly updated Pan/Tilt Cam Plus 3K brings you stunning 5-megapixel ultra-clear images. But wait, there’s more… It also includes:
  • A high-sensitivity image sensor to give you full color, even at night.
  • Rotates 360° for seamless viewing of your home environment, and can move 115° vertically too. You can also use our 4-Way Split Screen function to check on multiple places at once, or even have your camera automatically detect movement when monitoring.
  • Privacy mode to help completely block your camera with one click by retracting the lens inside, fully protecting user privacy.
There are also other amazing features like Two-Way Talk, 2 different ways to store footage, voice commands, and more. All here to meet your monitoring needs and guard your home with peace of mind! It is, however, worth noting that this model is currently only available on Amazon via our brand store, with awesome discounts available during Prime Day.
Last but not least, I’d like to introduce our newest Battery Circulator Fan. Again, super smart, it features 3D Swing for complete air circulation with 9 levels of wind power and 2 adjustable night lights, and can also be used with timers to enable you to set schedules to save energy. And what about Automation? Such as setting a temperature value based on indoor temperature, which can automatically turn on your air conditioning and fan all automatically. Heck, you can even use voice commands!
You can use this all year round: in summer, it can assist air conditioning cooling to save electricity costs; In autumn, use it with a humidifier to keep home moisturized; In winter, evenly distribute indoor heating; And during the rainy season, strong winds can also be used to keep indoors dry and prevent mold! 365 days of use, now that’s something worth all the breeze. Battery Circulator Fan is available on our official US site now.
Note: Battery Circulator Fan only available for US customers via SwitchBot Official.
If you’re interested in any of the products above, make sure you hurry up and get your hands on them! If you also want to learn about discount information regarding this year’s SwitchBot Prime Day promotions, you can click here.
Thanks for reading, stay cool.