We received a cute little letter and some drawings from America, aged 5, who lives in Boston. With the help of his Mom we thought we’d share it with you here to show you how some of our younger users are getting ready for the holiday season with their parents. What a cutie! This time of the year is a perfect excuse to introduce smart homes to those around you, no matter what age they are. Jayden, you rock!

Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Jayden, and this year I am 5 years old. This is the first time I’m writing a Christmas letter. My parents said in their bedtime stories that Santa Claus would come in from the chimney to give me presents every year. I think climbing the chimney is very tiring work. I don’t even like climbing up the stairs. I want you to come to see me, but I don’t want you to get dirty, because you have to see other people too.

So, my mommy helped make a list of things we can do to help make it better for when you come.

When it’s time, and you are close to my door, I will play some nice music for you, and light up the Christmas tree with shiny things so that you can find me as soon as possible.

Mommy told me you only come in the night, so you need to be quiet, and I want to wait for you but I think I will fall asleep. So we set the door password for you, because I don’t want to miss your presents. This time, you don’t have to climb in through the chimney, because we don’t have one. Just use my password. It’s my birthday, so I think you know it.

I wanted to tell you, I am afraid of the dark when I sleep. I suppose you are too, so when you come to my house my mom will help me put a magical little thing besides ourdoor. It can feel when you are here, and it will light up the room for you, so you don’t have to give me gifts in the dark.

My Granpa always tells me stories about you, but I didn’t see you before. This year, when you come, can you say hi to me through our camera after giving me my gifts? If I can, I want to be the first child to see Santa.

Santa, please come, I tried hard to make my home better for you, and I really tried to be good this year.