From starting out with SwitchBot Bot as our first smart home device, to getting our hands on SwitchBot Hub Mini to enable remote control and integrating infrared devices around the home into our smartphones. With all these smart home devices our bedrooms, living rooms, studies, and gardens are now even more comfortable. However, as Uncle Ben once said to Peter Parker, with great smart home power, comes great responsibility… Oh wait, maybe this wasn’t the exact quote, but there’s definitely an increasing number of devices we may use at home, and managing them can be a big task for some of us.
For example, sometimes when we want to turn off the lights before going to bed, we have to turn off each bulb via our smartphones one by one. This begs the question…
Can’t we just turn them off with one click?
SwitchBot 7.0 is designed to solve these small problems by acting as the proverbial glue that binds all your SwitchBot devices together, helping you quickly understand the dynamics of your whole home, allowing you to control devices in a quicker and easier fashion.

Room Status at a Glance

Check room temperature and humidity on the fly, with the ability to make quick adjustments too.

There is always a significant difference between perceived temperature and humidity by children, adults, and the actual environment around us. To help you quickly understand the temperature and humidity in a specific room, you can now easily check the home status bar displayed on the homepage of our app. And with just one glance, you’ll be able to quickly understand what the temperature or humidity is in any given room.
Should you find that the temperature or humidity is abnormal, you can click on the corresponding icon to quickly adjust devices such as SwitchBot Curtain, your Air Conditioner, and more. Making things more concise, and more convenient too!

Turn off the lights with just a tap. No, seriously.

Do you ever worry about leaving the lights on in your living room, bathroom, or kitchen before you leave for work or go to bed? With our app, all you need to do is check the light status bar on your home screen to see which lights are still on. If you need to turn them off, simply tap on the relevant icon and select ALL OFF. You’ll never have to search for each device again.

On low battery? Have you closed your windows and doors? New firmware updates? We've got you covered!

As the number of devices in your home increases, it becomes harder to manage them all. To help you quickly understand your home environment, we have created a Home Status that neatly organizes anti-tamper alerts, passcodes, low battery notifications, temperature and humidity alerts, door and window open/close reminders, firmware updates, and more. With this feature, you can easily monitor your devices without the need to search and click on each device individually.

Quick control for a friendlier experience.

Activate frequently used scenes with just one tap via our Home Page.

Controlling multiple devices and executing a scene is the beginning of a comfortable smart life. Previously, when leaving home, some of us would probably have to navigate to the Scene page on our app, find the Leaving Home scene, and turn off the air conditioning and lights this way. Now, we have made controlling scenes even simpler by placing them directly on the Home Page. With fewer steps and colorful icons, controlling your scenes is now easier than ever before.

There's no need to search for your favorite devices anymore, just pin them!

You might have noticed that we have made a major update to the way rooms are laid out when using our app. You no longer need to click on tabs, you can now control the devices in each room by scrolling down on the Home Page. Additionally, we’ve added a Favorites section where you can add your frequently used devices such as Air Conditioners, TV, SwitchBot Locks, and Bots, so you no longer need to search for them in each room.

New Device cards are not just better looking, but also more user-friendly!

Our new device icons are designed with color coordination in mind. For example, for switch icons, two distinct colors are used to differentiate between the ON and OFF status, making it easy to quickly view at a glance. Additionally, for lighting products such as SwitchBot Color Bulb, we have provided an intuitive and convenient way to adjust brightness by simply swiping left or right via your device icon.
  • Infrared light fixtures learned through smart remote controls such as Hub Mini and Hub 2 do not currently support left and right swiping to adjust brightness.

More than just on and off.

Controlling devices is much more than just closing and opening, more is needed to enable SwitchBot devices to perform to the best of their capabilities. This time, we have placed operations that are often controlled in the secondary interface of a device on a brand-new shortcut control panel. With a simple click, our Action panel will appear to let you perform tasks like adjusting the brightness and color temperature of your Color Bulb, as well as controlling the percentage SwitchBot Curtain closes and opens to. You can even adjust your SwitchBot Humidifiers output level, all from the Home Page.

And there's more to come!

See what's happening on the inside and out all from the Home Page.

We’ve added a visible camera page to the Home Page, and with SwitchBot Outdoor Spotlight Cam outside and SwitchBot Pan/Tilt Cam inside you can now sync up devices to show any abnormal events that occur, letting you know what’s happening inside and outside your home instantly. To learn more, simply click on the camera view to check out what’s going on around you in just seconds.

And guess what's coming soon? A quicklook enabled Action Panel for Infrared Remote controls!

You’ll soon also be able to use our infrared remote control Action panel on the homepage to quickly control air conditioning devices, helping you stay cool in the summer and warm in winter. You’ll no longer need to switch between the Home Page and your device page to do so, yay!
Oh, I forgot to mention that an iPad-compatible version is also in the works. And so… Our all-new app will be the last piece to your smart home puzzle and help you connect all your SwitchBot devices together, allowing you to better understand the status of your entire home and control all of your home devices more efficiently. It really is that simple.