We saw a lot of world firsts when SwitchBot S10 first debuted…

It was the world’s first Floor Cleaning Robot with dual base station design.

S10 also featured the world’s first automatic water supply and drainage through home plumbing systems.

It saw the release of RinseSync™, the world’s first real-time self-cleaning mop system.

And it was the world’s first robot vacuum that would support Matter.
So many firsts, so much innovation. But is it all true? Is it a scam? Science fiction? Well.. We’ll see.
“I’m hesitant on using my plumbing as the fresh water supply. Having concerns in case of errors.”
“What happens with for example little rocks/particles in the dirty water tank of the robot? Can it get stuck in the water pipes?”
“These companies are really expecting regular consumers to become plumbers , electricians, heating experts.”
The above questions were some of the concerns our users had before S10 came out. From October 2023 until now, S10 has gradually been in the hands of more and more users. And so today, let’s listen to the real evaluations of the people who actually use S10 in their homes.

The rumours are true! It really is easy to connect directly to a water supply to help S10 automatically refill and drain.

What our Kickstarter backers said:
  1. “I am satisfied because it’s the best vacuum and washing robot available. The plumbing system is impressive, and the cleaning results are by far better than my older Roborock S7.” – Omer 
  2. “The automation part is great.” – Tomyu
  3. “It’s more than a week I use it. I must be sincere, it works great. It’s autonomous and I love it.” –Raffaele
  4. “Water station hooked-up, so nice compared to the tanks” – Dominic 
  5. “Water refills just work and are amazing!” – Arun

Message from the SwitchBot Team:
We are so pleased to see so much great feedback regarding the automatic water supply and drainage function, which is also the original intention of our design for SwitchBot S10 – trying to achieve a 100% hands-free experience.
Is it true that all the vacuum cleaners on the market are claiming to be very automatic? Definitely not, it’s still necessary to add water to some water tanks, often mopping the floor three or so times requires adding water at least once. Not to mention the nauseating sewage tank, especially on hot summer days, the last thing you want are lots of foul odor around the home coming from your water tank!
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a base station for a vacuum cleaner that could automatically drain water and add cleaning solution too? That would be great, right? Well, this idea has now come to fruition with SwitchBot S10.

It can be placed anywhere, and installation is also super simple.

What our Kickstarter backers said:
  1. “The setup was too easy, pairing no issue, quick, easy for both the vacuum and water stations.” – MMxp
  2. “I think you provided enough. I do, however, think all of the gaskets should be preinstalled.” –Mhinchey

Message from the SwitchBot Team:
We have used a dual base station design to solve installation problems, with our compact Auto-Fill & Drain Water Station responsible for water supply and drainage, and then also have a Auto-Empty & Dry Station for dust collection, drying, and charging. According to our latest installation survey data, over 85% of users are able to easily install our stations in their kitchens and bathrooms.
Although DIY water supply and drain models are available on the market, the originally large base station of the robovac isn’t that easy to install in places like in the bathroom, under a sink, or in the kitchen. Perhaps you could say that it can be placed in the living room, that’s right, but you also need to chisel the wall and rearrange your piping, which is even more complicated and troublesome.
During the last 3 years, our R&D team has traveled to various parts of the world, including North America, Europe, Australia, and more, and have tested each region with real machines, conducting research, mold making, and testing repeatedly. Now it can be said that we can adapt to the vast majority of water supplies found in homes around the world.
And is this still isn’t enough, can still use an external water tank solution, and we will continue to iterate our accessories based on user feedback.

True, barefooted freedom, it's here!

What our Kickstarter backers said:
  1. “Much better than my previous vacuum, cleans and mops well, app is well made.” – Aurailious
  2. “It works perfectly and better than my previous one the aspiration is very strong, enough to take care of my cat’s mess when she eat and put all her food in the kitchen flore. The moping function is also super good. very good with my long hair too!” – Ewilan
  3. “Mopping seems to be doing a good job, and even if there are stains stuck on the floor, doing the 2x run twice for the area generally cleans it up pretty well.” – Brian
  4. “In terms of suction quality, it doesn’t seem to do any worse than my S6 MaxV. In terms of washing, it’s obviously much better (fabric wipes VS rotating mop, manual water tank management VS fully automated management) and there’s really nothing to do, which is cool!” – Benjamin
  5. “Floor mopping and vacuuming is a wonder and works beautifully with the integrated fill/clean wet station.” – MMxp
  6. “Cleaning is going well. The S10 is coping brilliantly between hard floors and rugs. There’s also a far more logical approach to cleaning in terms of a pathway than the I-robot took and we love that. It gives us half a chance to deliberately avoid her. We both love clean floors and the S10 has just given us a great overall solution.” – Julie


Message from the SwitchBot Team:
Being 100% hands free is not just about automatic water supply and drainage through pipes. If your floor cannot be cleaned and your mop is not clean, we will also have to manually clean it ourselves. This is not what we would call 100% hands free.
Robot vacuums currently on the market have not achieved 100% cleanliness with mopping floors. Why do we say that? Because the they have no way of knowing if their own mop is dirty, like when humans mop the floor manually, we mop a piece of ground and when we see the mop dirty, we will wash it off before mopping. Other robot vacuums don’t have eyes to judge whether the mop is dirty or not to clean it. So we will see that all the robot vacuums out now, even though their mops are dirty, they still end up mopping the floor, constantly cleaning up the entire house.
How did we solve this? With something called RinseSync™️. Our starting point was to keep the mop clean at all times, just like mopping the floor ourselves. Let’s take a look at how the process compares to other brand robot vacuums, and you should see the differences.
SwitchBot S10: Wets – Applies Pressure – High Speed Mopping – Sprays Water for Cleaning – Scrapes – Collects Dirt
Other Brands: Wets, Applies Pressure, Mops the Floor
The innovative structure our interwal diry water tank and RevoRoll™ Roller Mop enables real-time self-cleaning. Just like how we mop the floor ourselves, always using a clean mop to mop the floor.

S10 is still getting better and better.

Of course, user feedback regarding S10 goes far beyond the above. Various different demands for floor cleaning are the driving force behind our continuous efforts to optimize our products. Our team has been looking at various feedback and suggestions from Kickstarter users, hoping to use this to make S10 even better.
We have recently developed a solution to a frequently asked question, which is “Is S10 able to clean on multiple floors?”
This would allow users to move their device to different floors for separate vacuuming tasks. We are currently working on a solution for this. We’re also developing a solution for vacuuming and mopping tasks on different floors. Stay tuned for more updates!
Of course, there are also various feature updates on our app! Like our new map management functions, which includes two main sections: map editing and map display, we can now provide you with richer and more personalized settings, and these settings can also help us improve cleaning and efficiency. In addition, the AI image recognition function that everyone is interested in has been added. When enabled under Settings > More Features, S10 can automatically recognize 6 types of obstacles in your map and display them as markers. Starting today, all you need to do is download the latest version of our app from the app store to use!
And so we’ve come to the end of our blog for this time round. All of the above is some recent feedback from everyone on S10 and what we want to say to everyone. So what do you think? After reading this article, do you still have any worries about S10 or would you like to share your latest user experience with us? Well, use the comments section! Chat with us, or choose to participate in our #lifewithswitchbot event, you’ll be in with the chance to win awesome prizes!