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Heb je technofoben in huis, maar wil je het toch slim houden? Je hebt dit nodig. 

Smart homes, not just the kind of thing you might see in Disney Epcot’s tomorrowland, but devices that really help make home life more convenient and comfortable. But what about people that aren’t so familiar with high-tech devices, and might feel daunted when it comes to facing devices they’ve never used before? Well don’t worry, this article will show you how to teach them how to use smart devices, so that the whole family can enjoy the convenience that a smart home can bring.


Wacht wat? De temperatuur- en vochtigheidssensor op SwitchBot Hub 2 is aan de buitenkant geplaatst!? 

Since the release of the SwitchBot Hub 2, the integration of our hub with a temperature and humidity meter built inside has received positive reviews from many users around the world. However, the design of placing the temperature and humidity sensor on the data cable has raised questions from quite a few, with many people asking: Why put the temperature and humidity sensor on the data cable?


SwitchBot Hub Mini, Hub 2, wat is het verschil? 

Since the release of SwitchBot Hub Mini in 2019, we have been considering how we can take a step further to provide a better experience for more of our users. Over time, we’ve listened to your feedback and today, after four years, we have turned our thoughts into reality with SwitchBot Hub 2, our newest smart home hub that will change everything you know about SwitchBot.


SwitchBot Hub 2, het is bijna zover, dus wat hebben bètagebruikers erover gezegd? 

So, we’re almost about to release a new hub device! Yes, you read it right, new! So a lot of you may already be familiar with SwitchBot Hub 2 and its announcement at CES this year due to the fact that it was announced this particular device would be supporting Matter going forward, making SwitchBot products now even easier to integrate into existing smart homes around the world.