Here’s a shout out to the people who live in apartments. Especially those that like their home clean! A lot of us in the office here also live in apartments, and maybe you’re like us, in the sense that every time we use a vacuum cleaner to clean, I keep thinking to myself
Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could do this for me?
Well, a robot vacuum might just be the answer.
But when looking for one to buy, the questions started flooding into my head. I mean, a lot of them have good suction power, and they also have LiDAR to help build maps, which is smart. But I myself have been troubled by a few issues:
1) A lot of them can’t reach under my chairs or under my table, and I end up having to vacuum by hand.
2) When reaching corners, the robot vacuum still leaves dust residue after sweeping.
3) Furniture at home are all different sizes (special thanks to Ikea on this one). And there is basically no space for a robot vacuum to fit between.
4) When vacuuming, robot vacuums tend to make loud noises, which inside an apartment can tend to be a little more obvious (and it might annoy your neighbours too, LOL).
The low coverage, high space consumption, and high noise of mainstream floor cleaners in the market are believed to be the reasons why the vast majority of apartment users are hesitant to purchase.
But not anymore! SwitchBot K10+, the world’s smallest robot vacuum with a built-in dust collection base station, is designed to solve these problems. Meaning even smaller homes can enjoy a hands-free cleaning experience.

So small it can clean under almost everything!

Sometimes due to the size of rooms and furniture, the layout of our home becomes a little more compact, resulting in a doubling of the difficulty of cleaning. Traditional robot vacuums often cannot clean well in such a compact environment. So what kind of vacuum would one need?
The main unit body diameter of SwitchBot K10+ is only 248mm, and it may not be perceived by numbers alone. If we take pizza as an example, the common size of a floor cleaner is equivalent to a 14-inch pizza, while the K10+ is equivalent to a 10-inch pizza, reducing its volume by almost 50% (and now I’m hungry).
Thanks to this significant reduction in volume, cleaning under the dining table or office chairs, which were maybe previously abandoned due to inability, has now become possible, with an increased cleaning coverage rate of up to 90%.
There is no need to set up restricted areas for these places anymore, and it also greatly reduces the trouble of using a vacuum cleaner again once your robot vacuum has finished doing its job!

Robot vacuums need to be small, and so do base stations, otherwise... Where on earth are we going to put this thing?

For those of us who live in apartments, we know that space saved is like gold dust. In our living areas, we might find things such as furniture, tables, chairs, office desks, sofas, beds, and so on. Even if a large robot vacuum is stuffed into all of this, it’s going to start getting crowded quite quickly.
In addition to reducing the main unit volume size of SwitchBot K10+ by 50%, we have also redesigned the base station too. With a height equivalent to that of a 5L bottle of mineral water, making it easy to place the under most tables without occupying any extra room.

And it won't disturb the neighbours either!

The most common complaint from neighbors when living in an apartment is noise. I don’t know if everyone has heard the sound of feet pacing backwards and forwards from above early in the morning, when at home, but for me, it’s quite irritable.
Similarly, the noise emitted by vacuums during cleaning can also attract complaints from neighbors. So for the sake of harmonious neighborhood relationships, we think a low-noise sweeper is necessary.
SwitchBot K10+ adopts a high-speed brushless motor and optimized air duct design, which reduces noise during cleaning down to 45dB, 30% lower than that of similar competitors!

Small but with a big bang!

Small is important, but the same time, all functions need to be up to speed too. If we only focus on reducing the size of our robot vacuum by removing functionality, then… Well, it’s a bit like putting the cart before the horse. Well thank god for SwitchBot, because we didn’t skip on the things that matter, like our 4 liter dust collection bags, which allow you to store 70 days of waste. At the same time, K10+ is also equipped with SLAM LiDAR to build maps (up to 10 maps can be built), to help make it even more intuitive and it also includes disposable mops to help with mopping the floor too.
Although the diameter of SwitchBot K10+ is only 25cm, we have reconstructed the structure within this small amount of space to make it even stronger than similar competitors.
It can be said that in terms of cleaning solutions for small living areas, SwitchBot K10+ is quite unique, it offers both a compact solution to cleaning and also doesn’t skip on power.
Looking for something for your apartment that can make cleaning less hands on? SwitchBot K10+ is now officially online. You can check here to find out more. Available now in the UK, US, and EU.