This guide is valid for the SwitchBot app iOS v4.0.0+ and Android v5.0.0+.

Before installing your SwitchBot Curtain 

1. Create a SwitchBot account and sign in.

2. Check the type of your curtain rail.

Start setting SwitchBot Curtain up

SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2

1. Tap the + icon on the top right of the Home page.

2. Tap the Curtain’s icon to start the pairing.

3. Select an opening mode, either open from the middle or open from one side.

4. Long press the button on Curtain until the LED light starts flashing.

5. Tap Next to add Curtain and edit the name and room for it.

Choose the correct style and mode

SwitchBot Curtain Rod 2

1. Choose the Rod Curtain track.

2. Tap Rod 2 and select the curtain style according to your situation.

On the “Select Your Style” page, tap any of the cards that fit your curtain style. Then select a Video guide or Pictorial Guide to proceed. The installation video is also available on YouTube.

There are videos tutorial for each of the following curtain styles:

Grommet Curtains

Ring Top Curtains

Tab Top Curtains

Back Tab Curtains

3. Make sure the SwitchBot Curtain is installed with the logo facing indoors.

4. Select the opening direction according to your situation.



1. Control the SwitchBot Curtain to move left or right according to the animation.

2. When the Curtain hits the end, tap Pause to stop the movement.

3. Tap Next before we control the SwitchBot Curtain to calibrate the opposite direction.

4. Also tap Pause to stop it when it hits the end.

5. Verify the calibration on steps 7 and step 8.

6. If the Curtain can move to open and close at the expected position, tap Finish to complete.

7. If the Curtain does not move to the desired position, we can tap the Adjust button to rectify it.