Reasons why I chose SwitchBot

Kojima lives in Tokyo, Japan. And during 2021, decided to move from the city center to a detached house in the suburbs due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the birth of his child last year. At which point, he decided to buy some SwitchBot products that he had been interested in.

“I don’t remember exactly why I chose SwitchBot from among the many products, but I was able to recognize your brand even before the introduction of smart homes. SwitchBot is becoming an indispensable part of life, especially when it comes to raising children.” He says.

So what benefits do you think using our products gives you?

Below are some examples of what Kojima feels are the best ways SwitchBot products help him take care of his new baby at home.

· Helps regulate your baby’s body temperature.

Controlling air conditioners and humidifiers in conjunction with a thermo-hygrometer.(Helping regulating a baby room’s temperature is a important thing!)

SwitchBot Hub Mini, Humidifier, Meter / Meter Plus

SwitchBot smart devices help regulate your baby's body temperature.

· Keeps things quiet when they’re taking nap.

Helps mute your TV sound and turn off the lights when your baby starts napping.

Amazon Echo Show, SwitchBot Hub Mini, Pan/Tilt Cam, Color Bulb

SwitchBot smart deivices keep things quiet when they're taking nap.

· Great when both hands are full.

You can use voice commands to control lights when both hands are occupied.

Amazon Echo Show, SwitchBot Color Bulb

SwitchBot smart deivices: Great when both hands are full.

· Heat up hot water remotely.

SwitchBot helps when filling baths with hot water when away from home (especially during COVID-19) to let you bathe your child as soon as you get home.

SwitchBot Hub Mini, Bot

SwitchBot smart devices: Heat up hot water remotely.

· Gives a helping hand when milking at midnight.

Use voice commands to control lights when making milk late at night.

SwitchBot Color Bulb

SwitchBot smart devices: Gives a helping hand when milking at midnight.

· Control your AC when outside.

Control your air conditioner from another room to make life easier when taking care of children.

SwitchBot Hub Mini

SwitchBot smart devices: Control your AC when outside.


We asked Kojima to recap on how we are able to help around home, and this was his reply.

There are others, too many to count.

I think that all households that are raising, or looking to raise infantsshould consider SwitchBot.

As a father raising a child, I think it’s a tradition that’s not commonly seen, as most of the child-rearing is still done by mothers. However, I think it’s a good thing.

Fortunately, in a way, I have been working from home more often due to the COVID-19, and have also had more opportunities to be involved in taking care of our child, and the housework too, and this is what lead me to use SwitchBot.

This may be a prejudice that doesn’t fit more modern trends, but when it comes to smart homes and gadgets, I think men are overwhelmingly preferred as the target market demographic. My wife doesn’t really know how this ecosystem works, though she thinks it’s convenient. I do though, hope that more people on both sides of demographic will get involved in such products in the future, as I think there’s something in there that benefits everyone, no matter who they are.

I sincerely hope that SwitchBot will become one of the new “big 3in Japan, and manufacture smart dishwashers, robot vacuum cleaners, and what not.

I hope that more and more couples who are about to have a baby will learn about the existence of SwitchBot and use it as a helper when raising their children.

And finally, I hope that Switchbot will continue to grow more and more as a company, I’m looking forward to what’s coming in the future.