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Points, SwitchBot S10

True or a scam? 100% automated? Other brands don’t want you to know about this! 

We saw a lot of world firsts when SwitchBot S10 first debuted… It was the world’s first Floor Cleaning Robot with dual base station design. S10 also featured the world’s first automatic water supply and drainage through home plumbing systems. It saw the release of RinseSync™, the world’s first real-time self-cleaning mop system. And it was the world’s first robot vacuum that would support Matter. So many firsts, so much innovation. But is it all true? Is it a scam? Science fiction? Well.. We’ll see. “I’m hesitant on using my plumbing as the fresh water supply. Having concerns in case of errors.”“What happens with for example little rocks/particles in the dirty water tank of the robot? Can it get stuck in the water pipes?”“These companies are really expecting regular consumers to become plumbers , electricians, heating experts.” The above questions were some of the concerns our users had before S10 came out. From October 2023 until now, S10 has gradually been in the hands of more and more users. And so today, let’s listen to the real evaluations of the people who actually use S10 in their homes. The rumours are true! It really is easy to connect directly to a water…

SwitchBot K10+

L'histoire du plus petit robot aspirateur au monde, le K10+. 

Juin 2023 a vu la sortie de notre deuxième robot (après SwitchBot S1) – le plus petit robot de balayage au monde, SwitchBot K10+. Maintenant que K10+ est sur le point d'entrer sur les marchés de l'UE et des États-Unis, je pense qu'il est temps de jeter un petit coup d'œil sur ce qui a fait K10+ se concrétise.

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