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Dites adieu au chaos : adoucissez les matins de rentrée grâce aux appareils intelligents pour la maison 

SwitchBot smart home devices can ease the transition back to school routines. Gentle alarms, automated coffee and remote home access calm mornings. Keyless entry, camera monitoring and customized study spaces also support learning with less stress for parents and kids.

Sécurité à domicile, Verrouillage du SwitchBot

Alors, qu’est-ce que la géolocalisation exactement ? Et comment l’utilisons-nous ici chez SwitchBot ? 

Geo-fencing is something that we’ve started to see a lot in software programs, especially maps. And if you’re wondering what it is, well… Think of it as a virtual barrier.

La latitude et le rayon peuvent définir une clôture géographique et créer une zone circulaire autour d'un lieu d'intérêt. Alors que peut-il faire ? Lisez ci-dessous pour savoir.

Smart door locks of 2023
Sécurité à domicile, Verrouillage du SwitchBot

Serrures de porte intelligentes de 2023 

To avoid having to worry about somebody duplicating your keys, smart locks also allow you to offer them virtual keys to your door. Additionally, a virtual key may be programmed to only function at certain times and can generate an alarm whenever it is used. Your dog walker or caretaker will only be able to enter the house at your specified times. Some smart locks provide additional features such as these. Therefore, we have compared and tested a number of smart locks of 2023 to find the best ones for you.