June 5th, World Environment Day is a day that is pretty important to us here at SwitchBot. A day established by the United Nations and celebrated annually, it aims to raise global public awareness of environmental issues and encourage individuals, organizations, and governments to take proactive actions to protect and improve the world around us.
On this special day, we can also think about how to take some environmental actions in our home life, which can not only improve our surrounding environment but can also help us to save hundreds of dollars on energy bills too!
Here are some ways in which smart homes can help us celebrate World Environment Day.

Get to know more about the environment around you.

If you want to monitor the temperature and humidity changes in the environment to control energy use, then a temperature and humidity meter is essential. Not only can it help your home stay at a comfortable temperature by giving you alerts and reminding you when to use air conditioning at home in the summer, but it can also stop you from overusing air conditioning too, especially at times like when you might be sleeping. Allowing you to save 10% on electricity bills every day.
You can also place SwitchBot Outdoor Meter in a damp bathroom. When it detects that the humidity exceeds a predetermined value, use the SwitchBot Bot to automatically turn on the exhaust fan or dehumidifier, which can prevent mold from forming and emitting unpleasant odors in the bathroom.It can also ensure that your dehumidifier and exhaust fan are only used when you need dehumidification, and automatically turn off when the humidity is suitable, thereby saving energy and overall electricity costs.

It's time to stop wasting energy.

Wasted electricity also plays a huge part in our environment and how we live on a day-to-day basis. When living at home, the habit of turning off the power one by one is always difficult to cultivate due to too many appliances. And there are too many hidden standby power sources, which not only waste electricity but also become unnecessary electricity bills. Households can lower this amount by up to 25% by being more proactive with energy conservation tips.
So what would we recommend? Well, it’s definitely worth considering SwitchBot Plug Mini. And the best thing about it? It doesn’t require any extra installation, just plug it into an old socket to turn any old appliance into a smart energy-saving device.
With SwitchBot Plug Mini, you can regularly turn on and off the power of any electrical device, or control them using voice commands. Great for when you need to turn off the power supply of household appliances before going to bed and can also prevent them from aging and damaging over time due to overcharging.
My favorite part about Plug Mini is when you go out, you can also monitor your power and battery usage anywhere in the world, knowing which appliances your electricity bills are spent on.

Turn off the lights, yes, all of them.

Waste control is also a big deal, and affects our planet in more ways than we could imagine. If you install SwitchBot Color Bulb, not only can you perform tasks like freely adjusting the brightness and color of your lights, setting automatic schedules, and integrating it with your daily routines to reduce unnecessary electricity waste, but you can also improve efficiency in how you use lighting too.
If you have many rooms in your home that require light bulbs, SwitchBot Color Bulb is significantly more cost-effective compared to regular bulbs. It can last for 25000 hours, far exceeding the lifespan standard of regular electric bulbs. If you use it for 2 hours every day, you only need to replace the bulbs every 34 years!
What’s more, you can also turn off lights regularly when people are not at home; with 16 million ways to change your lighting, and it can be adjusted easily for tasks such as creating a quiet atmosphere before sleep, or even dimming the lights, reducing light output when working from home.

Solar-powered energy, and all the benefits.

In order to maximize the utilization of sunlight, smart curtains or blinds are a pretty decent choice. Unlike electric curtains that require major installation, SwitchBot Curtain and SwitchBot Blind Tilt are used in conjunction with solar panels, without the need for fixed power sources, and can be easily attached in just seconds to make your old curtains and blinds smart.
They also have built-in light sensors that can automatically block the sunlight during sunny days based on light intensity outside, reducing unnecessary solar heat caused by direct sunlight on glass windows.
So what about during the winter season? Well, you can also customize schedules and open curtains during the day to increase the heat inside the house, allowing it to stay warm as much as possible without the need to use electricity. And when it’s cold at night, you can close curtains to improve insulation inside the house and prevent heat from your electric heater from seeping out.
This way, intelligently and automatically adjusting the sunlight entering the house according to seasonal and climate changes can reduce the load and frequency of heating and cooling, again helping to reduce energy bills by about 20%, and it can also improve comfort at home too!
So what does this have to do with the environment? SwitchBot Smart Curtain and Blind Tilt can be paired with solar panel charging to give clean solar energy, providing your devices with a permanent and sustainable electricity source, just another way to have a better impact on the environment around us.

A short summary.

Protecting the world and the environment doesn’t always have to be a grand and difficult action. If we start small, and look from the perspective of saving energy and reducing carbon emissions, making good use of environmentally friendly smart home tools is definitely a great way to start, and every little helps. Small carbon reductions and environmental protection, if sustained, will ultimately have a positive impact on improving the living environment around us, and hey! It’s World Environment Day, it’s time to start making a difference, and you can start today.