Windows are pivotal in shaping a home, influencing its aesthetics, light regulation, privacy, and energy efficiency. As interior design trends shift, window treatments are receiving modern makeovers, blending style with heightened functionality and convenience. In this post, we’ll explore some of the latest trends in window treatments and offer insights on how to enhance your windows that won’t break the bank.

smart curtains

Add Smart Features for Convenience

A prominent trend in window treatments is the addition of smart features that allow for remote, app, or voice control. A simple way to modernize your existing curtains is by adding smart curtain rods or retrofitting your curtains with smart curtain motors. Such enhancements let you control your curtains through your smartphone or smart assistants like Alexa. Not only do these features boost convenience, but they also automate privacy and light regulation. Most impressively, these smart upgrades won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Although pre-made smart curtains and rods are available, there’s no need to discard your current drapes for a technological boost. A more budget-friendly approach is to make your current curtains intelligent. Our forthcoming article, Smart Drapes: The Complete 2023 Guide to Automated Curtains, will detail how to effortlessly infuse standard curtains with smart functionalities. We’ll discuss compatibility with leading voice assistants, remote and app control options, how to motorize stationary curtains and much more. Remember, just because your curtains aren’t branded as “smart” doesn’t mean they can’t be automated! A few tweaks can rejuvenate dated drapes, offering unparalleled convenience without emptying your wallet.

Window Treatments

Tailor Design Details for a Luxe Look

Beyond smart features, customized design touches can drastically transform your windows. Elements like pattern alignment, exquisite fabrics, decorative trims, and intricate hardware can infuse your windows with a luxurious and refined aura. However, some of these premium enhancements can be pricey. For a budget-friendly luxe look, consider:

  • Accent ribbons to complement your color scheme
  • Pattern matching with cheaper ready-made options
  • Decorative finials on curtain rods for flair
  • Layering complementary textures like sheers over blinds

You can also elevate your window treatments through creative styling. For example, using classic plastic blinds in an intentionally colorful way can be playful and budget-friendly. Adding ruffle valances with lace trim to Roman shades provides dimension. Combining treatments like a Roman shade on top and a cafe curtain on the bottom balances privacy and light. Curtains can even define a functional sleeping space when used to section off an area.

Window Treatments

Prioritize Quality Materials for Durability

Since window treatments are a long-haul investment, it’s worth splurging on quality materials that stand the test of time. Opt for wood over composite for shutters and natural fabrics like linen and cotton over synthetics for drapes. Treatment mechanisms like cords, motors, and tracks also benefit from upgraded materials with smooth performance and durability. Investing in enduring materials will help treatments last longer and prevent frequent replacement costs.

If your budget is limited, get creative with materials. Hanging fabric swatches makes for an easy, casual window treatment. Or try installing interior glass window shades for an affordable way to ensure privacy. Small touches like colorful tassels on curtains and sheer white curtains to maximize light are inexpensive ways to elevate your windows.


Elevating window treatments provides an affordable way to refresh your home’s look and add beneficial features. By merging advanced technology with meticulous design details and superior materials, you can craft window spaces that are both chic and practical. Focus on the enhancements that align with your preferences and budget to truly elevate your windows. Be it technologically advanced, custom-made, or creatively frugal, the latest trends will take your window treatments to the next level.

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