A smart home is a home that connects home appliances to each other via the Internet, aiming for a convenient and comfortable life. In the 1980s, the concept of the “smart house” was proposed in the United States, and it became popular in the 2000s with the spread of the Internet. Especially since 2017, when smart speakers appeared, it has been spreading not only among young people who are sensitive to technology, but also among elderly people who easily enjoy the benefits of smart devices.

In recent years, retrofitting smart home devices that make use of ordinary home appliances to create a smart home has become popular. SwitchBot has released a number of smart home appliances at a reasonable price of $80. This page is about what you can do in the smart home with SwitchBot.

What is SwitchBot for the smart home?

SwitchBot is a series of smart home devices that can be attached to home appliances to automate the operation of traditional devices and support voice control. Retrofit smart home devices offer the advantages of being easy to deploy and being smart but still leaving the option of manual operation.

SwitchBot offers a range of affordable products, including the SwitchBot Hub Mini, a device that transmits signals from remote controls, and the SwitchBot Lock, which allows you to automate physical keys.

“Smart home appliances” are appliances that can be operated without using physical switches or remote controls, but there are many ways to operate them. SwitchBot is a collection of products that can be used to control smart home appliances with various triggers such as smartphone apps, voices, and bodies.

10 smart home things to do with SwitchBot

The idea behind SwitchBot’s products for the smart home is endless. “Diy smart home” by combining multiple devices according to the desired environment is also the appeal of SwitchBot as a smart home device.

SwitchBot smart home devices, the main from the arm the outstanding remote can be delivered by physical switch automatic with finger robot devices “SwitchBot Bot” or apps and smart speaker changes and color a tape can control LED lighting “SwitchBot LED Light Stripe” etc. Other companies can not line up a strength to possess.

Use SwitchBot to make the most of your precious home time.

You can control the remote control of your house with your smartphone.

A messy remote control on the table. If you need more storage, use the SwitchBot Hub Mini. SwitchBot Hub Mini is a hub device that aggregates multiple infrared remote controls and allows SwitchBot products to be operated over the Internet. Set SwitchBot Hub Mini and pair with the SwitchBot app. SwitchBot just lets the app learn about your remote control and the app becomes a remote control.

Connect it to a smart speaker to control home appliances with your voice.

If you want to use your voice as a remote control and control your home appliances with your voice, connect the SwitchBot Hub Mini to your smart speaker. A feature called “scene” allows you to perform multiple actions at the same time, such as turning on the electricity, the air conditioner, and the coffee maker.

For example, you could link the SwitchBot Hub Mini with SwitchBot Curtain to the SwitchBot app, link the SwitchBot app to the smart speaker app, and automatically open and close the curtain with a command like “Alexa, open the curtain”.

We can control the temperature and humidity so that the baby can live comfortably.

SwitchBot Meter Plus is a smart hydrometer that just launched in February 2022 that works with apps and smart speakers. When the room temperature in the baby’s room reaches 28 degrees, the air conditioner automatically turns on, and when the humidity drops to 40%, the humidifier automatically turns on. This operation can be achieved with SwitchBot hub mini, SwitchBot thermometer plus, and SwitchBot smart humidifier.

SwitchBot hub with mini, you can use “be 28 degrees or above” open the air conditioning and humidity is start condition “IF-THEN approach home appliance operation, marking the SwitchBot premier wen hygrometer growth SwitchBot smart humidifier which don’t seem, humidity conditions starting humidifier get’s a good one, though. Smart home devices that can trigger humidity are rare in the industry, so don’t miss a home with a baby!

You can use the motion sensor to control your home appliances.

SwitchBot the SwitchBot is a sensor that detects the light and dark of people’s movements and surroundings. Pairing with SwitchBot Hub Mini to automatically turn off unused lights can be an energy saver. Combined with the SwitchBot monitoring camera, which is a network camera, it can also be a security measure device. By connecting to a smart speaker, you can also receive notifications that tell you when a visitor is coming, triggered by the visitor’s movement.

The SwitchBot Curtains can be automatically controlled to improve the quality of awakening.

SwitchBot smart curtain is a smart curtain that can be attached to curtain rails to automatically open and close the curtain. If you set the time as a trigger, the curtains will open automatically when you wake up, and you can wake up naturally with the sun. Sunlight stimulates the production of serotonin, known as the “happiness hormone,” and makes people feel better. Even when you are concerned about the dust of the curtains, you can open them without touching them, so it is hygienic.

We can automate the unlocking of the keys.

Everyone has this experience, such as “oh, I don’t have a key” and “did I lock it?” With the SwitchBot Lock, you can unlock the key with your smartphone app just by placing it on the thumb turn. Or pair the SwitchBot lock with the SwitchBot Tag. If you attach the tag to a lower position, even children who do not reach the thumb turn can unlock the key by simply holding the smartphone over the tag.

We can quantify power consumption and take energy conservation measures.

SwitchBot Pug Mini is a smart plug that allows you to connect apps and smart speakers just by plugging in an electrical outlet. Since it is equipped with “Power/Energy chip” not found in other companies products, it can record daily statistics such as Power consumption, current and usage time with an app and output as data. Confirming the numerical information will help you save energy and save energy, and it will be an opportunity to review your household budget.

It connects to the network camera and the app to take security measures.

“I’m looking for a security camera at the entrance.” “I want to put a camera in the garbage area to prevent illegal dumping.” This is the most recommend you to come and see the experience.

The SwitchBot monitoring camera is a super high-quality network camera with an f2.0 lens. It is equipped with a motion detection function, and it can automatically take a picture or record a video of the detected motion. Combine with SwitchBot motion sensors for intrusion detection to create a more sophisticated security system.

The SwitchBot indoor camera is a network camera with six infrared leads. The small and simple design will not ruin your room design. The SwitchBot switch sensor for alert settings and the SwitchBot smart lock for smart physical keys are also ideal for security measures.

I can watch my old parents on camera and talk to them.

I care about my elderly parents who live far away, but it’s hard to see them… There are a lot of people like that. We recommend the combination of a SwitchBot Indoor Cam and a smart speaker. “Switchbot Indoor Camera” is set up in the living room where parents spend their time. All you need to do is check out the camera footage from the SwitchBot app on your phone. When connected to a smart speaker, you can also use voice commands to view the video. Open the app and look through the camera, “have you taken your medicine?” And so on.

You can easily control the blinking and dark of the lights according to the time of day and mood.

SwitchBot smart light bulbs and SwitchBot tape lights make it easy to control blinking and dark lights with your voice and app. The SwitchBot smart bulb comes in 16 million colors. You can freely set the color and brightness of the lights according to the situation, such as waking up and going to bed, or the mood such as party and reading time.

You can also use SwitchBot tape light for light bulb furniture. Tape light is a tape-shaped LED light that can color the light without the use of light bulb furniture. Use smart speakers to control the lights with your voice. The atmosphere of the room changes surprisingly with one light.


The smart home will allow you to operate your appliances more efficiently, giving you more room for a busy life. Smart home devices will also make remote control more fun.

SwitchBot is a smart home device brand that makes life simpler in the easiest way. We have developed many reasonable products that can be purchased for less than 10,000 yen, and even customers who are taking on the challenge of a smart home for the first time can easily get their hands on them. So why not make the most of your time at home with SwitchBot?