The New York Times reported that about a quarter of residential energy across the whole of the US is wasted on standby devices. The first time you see this conclusion, you might think it’s both shocking, and outragous. Is it really 25%? Well, we’re not sure, but 10% of it is definitely real, and that’s a lot.

So what can we do to combat this? Look for devices always stuck in Standby Mode, for example:

  • TVs,
  • Air conditioners,
  • DVRs,
  • Game consoles,
  • Washing Machines,
  • Printers, the list goes on.

You’d be surprised to know, that printers, DVRs, and Game Consoles are among the worst culprits when it comes to energy waste.

What’s more, new household appliances generally tend to have high energy-saving technology built-in these days, which means they consume less power on average, with older appliances consuming more energy on a day-to-day basis. And as if that didn’t make life any harder than it already was, different brands of household appliances consume different amounts of energy. So… What can you do to find out just what exactly in your home is using up the most energy? Well, use SwitchBot Plug Mini of course!

But why Plug Mini?

You see, the great thing about Plug Mini is that, when you are not at home, you’re able to power off your home appliances, and routers (it is not recommended to disconnect the network if you have security equipment at home though!), printers, game consoles, and other home appliances all via our app, or even when using schedules to have things set to turn off at a certain time. And then you can simply turn them all on again when you get back home.

You can also make changes according to your own power consumption algorithms, which allows you to intelligent power-off devices when they’re not in use. A great example would be, when your TV is not being used, the power can be cut off automatically according to the change of energy being used by that specific device at any given time, cool huh?

You see, it’s about convenience too.

As well as saving energy, you can also use Plug Mini to make life just that little bit easier. Let’s say for example, you own a pair of hair straighteners and once they’ve been used, you’re always forgetting if you turned them off or not (fire hazard alert). Well, if you use Plug Mini on your wall socket, you can easily check to see if it is still powered on, and power can be cut off remotely through your smartphone to ensure safe use.

Plug Mini itself is also energy saving, with power consumption only costing a few cents a year, which is very cost-effective compared with the convenience and energy conservation you’ll see when using it. This makes Plug Mini a must-have for every smart home on the market, and what’s more, it now comes in two different versions, one with HomeKit, and one without.

Interested? Well, here’s 10% off to make things even easier for you, just use discount code 10PLUG when checking out. Thank me later!