Since the release of SwitchBot Hub Mini in 2019, we have been considering how we can take a step further to provide a better experience for more of our users. Over time, we’ve listened to your feedback and today, after four years, we have turned our thoughts into reality with SwitchBot Hub 2, our newest smart home hub that will change everything you know about SwitchBot.

A smart home hub, and a Temperature and Humidity monitor? Yup, you bet.

Most smart home hubs on the market are either a white or black box, and they often clash with the style of your home decor. With our new temperature and humidity monitor design, your hub is no longer an eyesore in your home, and aside from looking good aesthetically, it can also sense the environment around you. Its minimalistic design allows it to blend into your home, whether you place it in the living room, bedroom, or study. Moreover, it allows you to easily monitor temperature and humidity in your room, even when you’re away, and provides a chart of any changes in your living environment.

Not enough? Let's throw in some smart buttons for good luck.

We noticed that many users had to control multiple devices individually, such as turning off lights, air conditioners, and TVs, especially before leaving their homes. This process can be tedious and time-consuming. Some users said:
It would be great if everything could be controlled with just one button!
Therefore, like SwitchBot Remote, we embedded smart buttons into Hub 2, which allows you to shut down Air Conditioners, draw curtains, turn off TVs, and even put your Pan Tilt Cam into security mode with just one press of a button.

And it supports Matter too!

Have you ever hoped that you could control all your SwitchBot products through Apple’s Home app? Now, we have found the easiest and most cost-effective way to integrate our products with Apple Home by using Matter, which doesn’t require you to replace your existing SwitchBot products. SwitchBot Curtain and Blind Tilt can be directly controlled through Hub 2 via the Home app, and more Bluetooth products will be supported by Matter through Hub 2 in the future.

Improved infrared control.

The key to control lies in the stability and strength of infrared control. Therefore, we have upgraded our universal infrared module, combining both hardware and software improvements. With double the infrared transmission range, Hub 2 is now more stable and reliable. Even if Wi-Fi is down, you can still control your Air Conditioner using Hub 2 (this feature will be added via a firmware update in April). We have also optimized the infrared matching algorithm, increasing accuracy rate. And real-time synchronization of infrared remote control status will also be added via an update in April too. These upgrades make Hub 2 an even better home appliance manager, and a smarter choice for your smart home.
In short, SwitchBot Hub 2 really combines stylish design, powerful features, and unparalleled convenience to deliver a smart and simple home experience.