So, we’re almost about to release a new hub device! Yes, you read it right, new! So a lot of you may already be familiar with SwitchBot Hub 2 and its announcement at CES this year due to the fact that it was announced this particular device would be supporting Matter going forward, making SwitchBot products now even easier to integrate into existing smart homes around the world.
So, I mean apart from all this Matter stuff, what’s so great about Hub 2 anyways? Well, there’s no point in hearing what I have to say. Why not take a look below at what our beta testing program users had to say about Hub 2, and make up your own mind.

An all new design.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, Hub 2… Yup, it now has a Meter built in (or on, depending how you look at design in this day and age). Putting a thermometer into Hub 2 was done with the hope that this device can be better integrated into our lives. Usually, hubs are a little on the boring side, just a plain old white or black box that kinda just sits there a little out of place not really doing anything. But this time round, we decided to give hub a little bit more meaning. So we combined it with SwitchBot Meter functionality that you might be familiar with, to give it just that little bit more meaning when placed around the home.

So what did you guys have to say about the design of SwitchBot Hub 2?

Ok that's great... Wait what? The sensor is on the outside?

Great question. And the answer? Well, yes. It is, after all… isn’t it better to install the temperature and humidity sensor on the inside? Visually, maybe. But it pales in comparison to the effect it has on temperature and humidity readings, because you see, most smart hygrometers are based on Bluetooth, and this is due to its low power consumption. But Hub 2 supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. And when Wi-Fi is frequently used, the chip that emits signals tends to generate heat (see where this is going?) which would make the inside of your device hotter than it might be outside. This could affect temperature readings when used over time, which might lead to inaccurate data reading. And so, we put the temperature and humidity sensor on the cable outside to help prevent this.

User interface design for data graphs has also been updated!

Previously with products like Meter and Meter Plus, our temperature and humidity charts that could be found via our app were… Well, a little on the simple side (think, one black line on a page kinda simple (yeah, a Nintendo style Mr Game & Watch vibe). I mean, sure, it was readable and you could analyze changes in temperature and humidity over a period of time. But it wasn’t exactly the best thing to look at. This was one of the things that we received the most feedback on during the course of the year, and so we decided to give it a rehaul. This will also be applicable to future releases of Meter and Meter Plus in the future.

Add some smart buttons? Sure, why not!

Maybe you feel the same way too, being able to phsically see and sense your Meter or Meter Plus when it’s on a desk, bedside table, coffee table and porch cabinet gives you a more tangible way to read data. But what if, it wasn’t just for looking at? And you could press a button when passing by to start some kind of automation. Maybe it would be more integrateable into everyday life this way. So yeah, we added some smart buttons, and it’s kinda cool!

You guys love infrared stuffz.

Like Hub Mini, Hub 2 also has universal infrared functions. But this time round, we’ve made a lot of improvements to the entire infrared hardware setup, resulting in a significant improvement in infrared emission range, offline control for Air Conditioners out of the box, and much more. These functions will be implemented one by one after the launch of Hub 2.

Hub 2 as a gateway hub. Yeah, the gates to automation heaven!

Hub 2 is a Wi-Fi Hygrometer, infrared remote hub, and also includes smart buttons for automaition scenarios. However the most powerful function is its ability to be a gateway. And that new gateway is none other than… Matter. The reason why we use a bridge to support Matter is that it is the most friendly solution for SwitchBot users that is possible at this point. This means users don’t need to replace their SwitchBot Bluetooth products in order to control devices via the Home App through Hub 2. SwitchBot Curtain has also passed certification which means you’ll be able to use Matter across other SwitchBot products too! You can follow our social media to check when Hub 2 comes online and stay updated for more news as well.

SwitchBot Hub 2