SwitchBot Bot, yup, the one and only. So what is it? Well, in a nutshell, it’s a finger robot that helps you easily turn any switch into a smart switch in just 30 seconds. You’ll be able to control said old switches with your smartphone and no longer need to manually turn them on and off. You can even attach SwitchBot Bot to your coffee machine to have it raring to go in the morning, ready with a freshly brewed cup of coffee waiting for you when you get out of bed (Hallelujah!). And should you pair your SwitchBot Bot with SwitchBot Hub Mini, you can even control switches remotely when you’re not around too!
And is that all? You bet your candy lovin’ sweet… Ok wait no, I’ll stop there. Well, there are still a ton of other things you can use SwitchBot Bot for, so I’ll leave the Dwayne Johnson-style talk for another day. If you want to find out more about what SwitchBot Bot can really do, just read below.

This could be the cheapest way to make your garage door smart.

I can’t find my garage door remote when I get home.”
I’m at work, Amazon is trying to deliver a package to my doorstep, but I can’t open the garage door.
Sound familiar? You might be thinking… it’s time to buy a smart garage door opener, but a good one can cost over $300 and be difficult to install. Boo-hoo! Well, guess what? Not anymore.
Also, you might find if you’re renting, your landlord may not allow you to replace such appliances or switches around the house directly. With SwitchBot Bot, you can attach it to your existing garage door opener without replacing it, making it instantly smart. And then use Hub Mini, to control it remotely. Meaning in the future, when packages arrive, you can remotely open your garage door and let the delivery person put it inside.

It's also a great unlocking solution for people living in apartments!

Compared to users living in standalone houses, those living in apartments sometimes find themselves with two doors to deal with: the door to their home and the building’s main entrance. Installing a smart lock on the front door of your home is no use if you still need a key to enter the building. SwitchBot Bot can help people who live in apartments by making their buzzer system smart. Simply stick SwitchBot Bot to your “door” button with the 3M adhesive provided and control it with your phone. Pair it with a Hub Mini and you can remotely control it too. Honestly, this is great for situations such as when a delivery arrives and you’re cooking, all you’ve got to do is just say “Alexa, open the door.” and the delivery person can enter, and then leave your package for you. Or what about if your roommate forgets their keys? You can still remotely unlock the door for them even if you’re away. I’ve even seen SwitchBot users use SwitchBot Bot to take care of family members this way by adding it to their apartment buzzer system.

Air Conditioner feeling kinda dumb lately? Not on our watch.

Want your home already cooled down by your air conditioner as soon as you get home from work on a hot summer’s day? Always forgetting to turn off the AC when you leave home, only to realize when you’re almost at the office? In times like these, you may wish you had a smart AC that you could control however you like. But often, it’s difficult or too expensive to replace your current AC. With SwitchBot Bot, you can easily make your air conditioning smart. And you can control your AC with your phone even while lying in bed. With Hub Mini/Hub 2, you can even control it remotely, so you can turn on the AC before you get home from work, nice!

Don't forget about the fan switch!

You can also stick SwitchBot Bot to the switch of your ceiling fan, so you don’t have to get up to turn it off when you’re lying in bed. Or stick SwitchBot Bot to the switch of your bathroom exhaust fan and pair it with SwitchBot I/O Meter and Hub Mini. This way, when you’ve finished showering, your fan will automatically turn on to reduce humidity, and when the humidity level reaches a certain point, your fan can turn off automatically too. Very practical.

Upgrade your standing desk and make it smart!

With SwitchBot Bot, you can now control your desk with just your voice. Simply say “Alexa, I’m ready to stand up.” and watch your desk automatically rise. No need to spend $350 on a new smart desk or deal with your old electric one. Just attach the Bot to the corresponding button on your existing desk and pair it with a Hub Mini for easy control. Say goodbye to manually adjusting your desk and hello to a more convenient and efficient workspace!

There are also more creative ways in which SwitchBot Bot can be used.

Some users have attached their Bot to indoor bug catchers, using the timer function to automatically turn it on at night and off during the day. Others have attached it to their 3D printer, so they don’t have to get up and press the “magic button” to start printing. There are also users who have attached it to their humidifiers, allowing them to control via voice commands with Hub Mini.
Furthermore, some users have used the wire from the toilet’s flush mechanism, combined with a Contact Sensor, to automatically flush after using the restroom. Others have attached fishing lines from wind chimes to SwitchBot Bot’s arm, so that it can notify them when the wind chimes are being remotely controlled. With SwitchBot Bot, almost anything is possible. The only limit is your own imagination.