How temperature and humidity affect us.

Temperature is high, you’re at home, and you feel super lethargic, but why? Well, there’s a reason. High humidity may have a number of different adverse effects on our bodies. It can contribute to feelings of low energy, or even fatigue. In addition, high humidity can cause hypothermia (called over-heating to us normal folk) as a result of your body’s inability to effectively let out heat. To find out more about how this affects our health you can read here.

How can smart homes help keep home life comfortable?

  • Control temperature remotely.

Smart homes are great for a host of different scenarios, including taking care of family members at home, making sure pets are ok, monitoring green houses, or even making sure wine is kept at the right temperature (my favourite). Even when you’re out and about, when using smart meters you can remotely check home temperature and humidity straight from your smartphone. Hub Mini is a great way to do this, and what’s more, when the temperature falls beyond your preset range, you can set your Meter Plus to send out prompts and notifications to help prevent environmental changes from affecting any of the above.

  • Comfort level alerts.

Should you also own a VMC system at home, you can use these type of products to automatically turn on your VMC system when humidity gets too high. When Meter Plus detects that the temperature is too high or the humidity is too high, it can also communicate with SwitchBot Hub Mini to automatically turn on your fans, dehumidifier, or air conditioner remotely by mimicking infrared signals and helps consolidate all your home remotes into one convenient place (that’s our app), all of which can help you keep indoor temperature and humidity set at a more comfortable level.


Houses need humidity to be kept in a stable condition. Otherwise, you might find yourself feeling drowsy, or even worse, be left with a house full of mould!

Most VMC systems are not controlled by smart switches. So, all you need is something like a SwitchBot Bot and Hub Mini and you’ll be up and running in no time.

A better way to take care of all your appliances at home.

  • Allows you to control using your voice.

Using SwitchBot Hub Mini also allows you to link third-party smart assistants like Google Home or Alexa to your SwitchBot Ecosystem, allowing you to use voice commands to ask what the temperature is like in certain rooms throughout the house (where a Meter Plus is placed).


Been taking care of room temperature by yourself? No worries, Hub Mini is also great with energy conservation. So even if you forget to turn off the air conditioner or TV when you go out you’ll be able to do so remotely, or even check on the status of devices just in case you forget that too.

And that’s not all. You can even remotely check the temperature and humidity of certain places at home (like that wine cellar I touched on earlier) straight from your mobile phone, it’s that simple.

Hub Mini is everything you need it to be. The foundation of your smart home, it lets you control devices via voice commands, helps save energy, manages appliances, and lets you monitor everything in real-time.