What do you usually look for in a smart lock? Fingerprint unlocking? Easy installation? Long-lasting battery maybe? Or the ability to link with your existing smart home?
In the two years since the launch of SwitchBot Lock, whether it’s Amazon reviews, our own in-house analysis, other competitors, or even SwitchBot Lock users themselves, we have read and researched a wide range of opinions over and over again, designing and redesigning to try to create the perfect retrofit smart lock.
Well, as of today, we think it’s finally here, in the shape of SwitchBot Lock Pro. A more pro kind of retrofit smart lock. We have also completed in-house and Beta testing programs, and received a lot of positive feedback and suggestions.
We want to share why we think it’s Pro and officially introduce our newest retrofit smart lock to you all for a closer look.
Easy installation, wide compatibility, great battery life, hard design, fast reaction times, quieter motors… Welcome to a new generation of retrofit smart locks!

90.9% of our Beta users think Lock Pro now looks more pro.

  1. “Great improvement over the Standard Lock regarding hardware quality. Simple and reduced design, feels nice when touching it.”
  2. “It looks very high quality and stable because the material is metal.”
  3. “The Lock looked really nice, the whole body seems very high-quality.”
  4. “Looks great. Way more sleek than the prior lock look.”
  5. “It looked more professional and refined than the standard lock.”
What our product team had to say.
Lock Pro’s new design can be summed up in three words.
Sturdy, convenient, accessible.
Now more durable, we have used a large area of aviation-grade magnesium aluminum alloy on its body, combined with a frosted-style treatment, which gives it a little bit of metallic delicacy which makes it a lot nicer to touch.
It’s also now more convenient to use, even in comparison to SwitchBot Lock or other smart locks found in the market. When replacing batteries, previously you would need to forcefully pull off the battery cover. Because the battery cover is a snap-on structure, we used a magnetic suction structure for Lock Pro, which greatly improves the battery replacement experience.
SwitchBot Lock Pro is also easily integrated into most homes thanks to its black color scheme, rounded corners, and a fully body wrapped design making it more aesthetically pleasing overall.

Still retrofit. Now easier, and sturdier too.

  1. “It [installation] was easy.”
  2. “It was very easy and straightforward.”
  3. “None in particular. All the steps were easy and clear for me.”
  4. “Nothing, it was way easier than the normal Lock since no adhesive was needed / required.”
  5. “”No difficulties at all! Much better installation experience than the Standard Lock I had before.”
What our product team had to say.
With SwitchBot Lock we had just one goal in mind – to make the simplest smart door lock in the world. However, installation sometimes can be troublesome. Even with our innovative and simple setup, there are still cases where things might happen: paint on user doors not being suitable for 3M adhesive bonding is a great example of one we’ve run into a few times.
With Lock Pro, we have made installation methods available for US Deadbolt types, (where you can only replace one side of the door lock knob), which is still simple and won’t affect rental agreements, and is also more secure!
Then we have European profiles, UK Oval locks, and Swiss Round locks, and we also offer both adhesive and screw fastening solutions, which can be adapted to any situation. At the same time, the adhesive strength we now use has been doubled, and its firmness is far superior to that of the previous generation.

Improved smart lock battery life.

  1. After nearly 1 month of usage, the battery is about 93%, which seems correct and around the same as the previous model, although I would prefer to have a rechargable battery as it is announced for the japanese market.
  2. Absolutely. And because there are AA Batteries inside it´s really easy to change because i always have them at home.
  3. I have been using the device exhaustively for more than a week and the battery is still at 100%. I love it…
  4. Yes! The battery level is still at 100%, and I’ve used the door at least 4 times a day every day.
  5. Yes very good battery performance
What our product team had to say.
What is the most important thing that smart lock users look for? You might say fingerprint unlocking, HomeKey, and so on, but the convenience factor of smart locks is very important.
On top of convenience, we’d say that battery life also plays a huge part, as we use such products in our daily lives. If the battery runs out, you might find yourself locked outside. So this is definitely an important part of what makes a smart lock good (or bad in some cases).
In terms of battery life, Lock Pro took user feedback and considered various locking scenarios to create a brand-new battery life experience solution.
Now using 4 x AA batteries as standard, with a battery life of up to 9 months, batteries are much easier to buy than the previous CR123A models that were used, with longer battery life and lower battery replacement cost.
We’ve also introduced our all-new SwitchBot Lock Pro Dual Power Pack, using a relay power supply to ensure continuous battery power.

Unlock in a more convenient way with Quick Key.

  1. It heavily improves the usage of the lock as I can click while having my wallet and mobile and when I finish the lock is nearly opened when I finish.
  2. Simple and perfect, just as the function is intended. Briefly press the quick key to lock or unlock.
  3. It just worked, great addition especially for people with hand mobility issues.
  4. I found it very convenient.
  5. Awesome new feature! Very intuitive, even for my 2-year-old daughter.
What our product team had to say.
When we were researching door locks in Europe and America, we found that when using the original door lock, people often need to rotate locks/door knobs at least 3-4 times to unlock it when going out, which is not only troublesome but also a bit of a drag.
Well, our answer to this was Quick Key, which only requires users to tap once to lock and unlock. This attention to detail allows people to leave home faster and easier and is great for when you’re in a rush to get out, maybe have your hands full, or are just tired of regular old door knobs.
Smart Lock

Now faster, and stronger too.

  1. A lot faster than the old lock connects almost immediately.
  2. Very Quick, exceeded my expectations .
  3. very fast almost instantaneous,less than 1 second.
  4. The noise is very quiet, I think quieter than the previous model, and the speed is similar to the previous model. I would prefer to have it a quite faster movement whereas the noise increases.
  5. When I compare this new lock with the old version that I installed in one of my doors, this lock seems to be faster and makes less noise, although it is still a noise.
What our product team had to say.
Lock Pro has seen a lot of changes aesthetically, but Pro goes far beyond that. We have made a huge upgrade to the heart of our smart lock too – the motor.
By increasing the locking and unlocking speed by 43%, combined with the support of Matter via Hub Mini Matter Enabled, SwitchBot Lock Pro is now faster than ever before. This means things like Multi-Point Locks are now non-issues thanks to Lock Pro and its high torque.
Starting torque is also now doubled when compared to the previous gen SwitchBot Lock. Making it even more suitable for multi-point locks with high torque requirements. Lock seemed to lack a little power in supporting these kinds of locks, well… Not anymore.
And let’s not forget Lock and Lock Pro also works even better Keypad Touch and Hub Mini Matter Enabled. These three when combined together will help unlock all the features that Lock Pro has to offer, not only supporting up to 15 unlocking methods and fingerprint unlocking but also enhancing security (such as virtual passwords, emergency passwords/fingerprints). At the same time, Hub Mini Matter Enabling brings support for Matter, allowing better control of Lock Pro when using Apple Home.
So there you have it, SwitchBot Lock Pro, now even better than ever. Ready to transform your door? Well lock yourself in (see what I did there?) for this wonderful smart home ride and click the link below to find out more.
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