“I have many Motion Sensor devices at home. Can you add a timed on/off notification function for them? Maybe just like Pan/Tilt Cam‘s privacy mode? I’m receiving more than ten notifications a minute. This is headache inducing!”
“My family is accustomed to manually turning off Color Blub, which is something I am aware of. I do not want to receive notifications like ‘device offline’. But we still have a SwitchBot Lock at home, so I cannot turn off all SwitchBot notifications. Is there a way to only turn off Color Blub notifications?”
With the increase in the number of SwitchBot devices now being able to be used at home, excessive notifications are starting to cause some of us a little trouble. In order to increase the freedom of setting up message notifications and facilitate users to process messages quickly and conveniently, we’e decided it’s time for an update!
And so here we have it, new notifications, all thanks to SwitchBot App 8.0! So what’s changed? Well, you’ll have to find out below:
  1. New message center
  2. Customized settings for message notifications
  3. Updated email notification settings
  4. New emergency pop-up notifications
Want to dive right in and try it for yourself? Simply update our app to get started.

All-new messages, just the way you want them.

So how do I check messages now?
Easy, just tap the […] icon in the top right hand corner of our app, and select Notifications. All your messages will now be located here.
We’ve made navigating information easier.
Notifications are now catergorized into three different areas. Device Notifications, Scene & Automation Notifications, and System messages. You can see notification content for just Today, or check past messages. Icons, buttons, etc. have also been redesigned, making message recognition more intuitive and just all around better looking!
It’s now more convenient too!
Once you’re inside, click on the upper right corner, and you can perform operations such as Read, Delete, and Set for specific notifications.
Check device status in a quicker and easier way.
If you want to quickly obtain your current device status, just simply click on the corresponding notification bar to jump to the secondary page of your device. Like Pan/Tilt Cam for example! You can check detection of movement notifications quickly to see exactly what’s happened in just seconds.
Recommended products:Pan/Tilt Cam, Motion Sensor.

Customize settings for message notifications.

Customize exactly what notifications you want to receive. Or even turn them all off with Do Not Disturb mode.
We’ve redesigned your notifications settings page to help make everything a little clearer.
You can now set a period of time that you don’t want to be disturbed in using Don’t Disturb Mode to select what time notifications should be turned off.
Only receive notification content you want.
You’ll be able to customize on/off settings and manage notifications here. And should you have multiple devices, you can select the device notifications you want to manage in Device Notifications and Notification Management, and decide whether your device will notify you and what specific content will be notified.
A great example would be something like turning off offline notifications for multiple Color Bulbs, and so on!
We recommend taking a little look at some of our devices such as Lock warning notifications for open doors and unlocked doors, detection alarms for Pan/Tilt Cam, and device removal warnings for Outdoor Spotlight Cam, Keypad, and Keypad Touch. These need to be enabled in advance on your device’s settings page, and then managed in the Device Notifications section for you to receive alerts.

Email Setting Updates

So how do I change email notification settings?
When using our app, on the homepage, select Profile, Preferences, and then Email Notification Settings.

Here, you can do the following:

  • Tap to turn low battery email notification for all devices on or off.
  • Choose to have important notifications for devices via email on or off.
  • Pair and unpair email addresses.
A great example would be, when you don’t want to receive notifications for things like Pan/Tilt Cam when movement is detected via email, you can choose to close the email notifications and add or unpair your email address altogether.

We've also got urgent notifications too!

For important devices that you might be more concerned about, such as the Keypad Touch or SwitchBot Plug, when abnormalities occur, in order to ensure that you do not miss notifications and can handle them in a timely manner, we have designed more prominent and urgent notification methods.
More information regarding updates can be found below. There are tons of new and wonderful things to find with the latest version of our app. If you have any issues or have feedback, please feel free to provide it to us by using the Feedback area of our app. Found something new that you like? Share and interact with us on social media!
If you have any other questions, please read our FAQ article to find out more.