To protect our children when at home when they’re not immediately by our side, safety in every aspect is most definitely key, and you’ll probably find that on the whole, most parents will choose a baby monitor over other devices.

However, baby monitors can tend to be over-bundled, expensive, and impractical, with a bunch of functions included that a lot of people either don’t use or don’t need (a great example would be something like playing soothing music, which can often be done by comfort toys that the baby already has).

But in terms of core functions such as two-way communication and real-time video surveillance, baby monitors are inferior to indoor cameras by quite a long stretch, and you’ll probably find that indoor cameras are always cheaper.

So let’s look today at what makes a device a great monitoring tool for babies and how can you use one to really get what you need when trying to keep an eye on that little bundle of love whilst still doing other things that life might throw at you.

We’ll take a look at the points below:

Do you really need a baby monitor?

Indoor Cam for Babies

So, if you are a first-time parent, you must be wondering

“Do I even need a baby monitor?”

Perhaps, your parents will say that when you were a baby, you guys got on just fine without one. However, baby monitors have really helped parents a lot.

If your living area is a little on the smaller side, you’ll probably find that your baby is always by your side, and you’ll always be able to have an eye on them at all times. In this case, to be honest, you probably don’t need a baby monitor at all.

However, if your baby is usually sleeping in another room, or you find that you’re not able to constantly able to monitor their activity by yourself then a baby monitor allows you to observe your child’s situation anytime, anywhere. Meaning you’ll have more time to get other things done.

Can an Indoor Camera even be a Baby Monitor?

SwitchBot Indoor Cam | Baby Monitor Camera, Indoor Security Camera for Home

In short, the answer is yes. As the most seen home security device currently on the market, indoor cameras are powerful and practical. With night vision, motion detection, two-way communication, real-time video, and other functions, it’s definitely qualified as a baby monitor.

If you want to choose a product with more powerful functions but at a more affordable price, indoor cameras will be your choice. You can even put indoor cameras in many places at home. Of course, if you don’t care about the price, or you prefer to have early education, entertainment, and other functions built-in too, then you’ll probably find that a baby monitor is more suitable for you.

Ok, I think an Indoor Camera is suitable for me, so when should I start using it?

Newborns are always fragile; we recommend you prepare some form of monitoring for your baby as soon as possible. This way, at night, you’ll be able to see your baby at any time without disturbing their sleep. And when they get a little bit older you’ll be able to know when they’re calling out.

Where should I place my Indoor Camera for my baby?

The most important thing is to place your Indoor Camera where your baby moves most often, such as in the bedroom or living room. After this, we’d recommend installing one in other more potentially dangerous areas, such as doorways, garages, etc.

What makes the SwitchBot Indoor Camera great for monitoring my baby?

1. Night vision

Indoor Cam Baby Monitor

Night vision is essential. During the day, parents are often energetic and can keep an eye on their baby at all times, but at night Indoor Camera can take care of your baby instead. You no longer need to tiptoe into your baby’s room to check on them (along with all those disturbing sounds and sources of light you’ll be taking with you), meaning you’ll spend less time disturbing your baby’s sleep, and have more time to get some sleep of your own.

 2. Live streaming

Indoor Cam for Babies

Live streaming can help you see what your baby is doing in real-time no matter whether it’s cute, something that needs your address, or you just want to gush over your sleeping little miracle. Indoor Camera also includes a storage function that allows you to view past video recordings should you want to re-watch adorable moments or share events with family and friends.

 3. Motion detection

SwitchBot Indoor Cam Baby Monitor

With motion detection, you can know exactly when your baby is awake and moving inside their crib before the baby even makes a sound. This is especially useful if your baby is a little quieter and doesn’t cry loudly (yes, this is a thing). Indoor Camera can even detect people only and distinguish whether it is a human or a pet moving, helping reduce false alarms.

 4. Two-way communication

When it is difficult for you to return to your baby for a while, two-way communication can help you talk to your baby and soothe your baby’s emotions. Even when your baby hasn’t learned to call out to you directly, two-way communication allows your baby to be spoken to anytime, anywhere.

 5. Easy to install

SwitchBot Indoor Camera is compact and easy to install. There’s no need to punch holes in the wall (or yourself when you mess up to try to sort those holes out, please don’t do that), and you’ll be able to easily install it in your baby’s general day-to-day location with ease.

So is SwitchBot Indoor Camera really a good option?

SwitchBot Indoor Cam for Babies

SwitchBot Indoor Camera includes night vision, two-way communication, live streaming, and human motion detection. It’s a great cost-efficient alternative to any baby monitor on the market and is super easy to set up and install thanks to its magnetic base and 3M self-adhesive tape, you can place it anywhere, upright, or even upside down.

Many baby monitors on the market can cost over $100, and SwitchBot Indoor Camera will only cost you US$29.99. You can even buy three or four at the same time and place them in every corner of the house to monitor your baby. In addition, if paired with SwitchBot Hub Mini, SwitchBot Remote Control or even voice commands can be used to make the process even more seamless.

So, you’ve hopefully learned a little about what SwitchBot Indoor Camera can do.