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Google Assistant has made incredible progress since its 2016 launch and has been the most advanced and dynamic of the assistants out there. With Google Assistant, our lives become smarter and more fun.

With Google Assistant, we can control smart home devices via voice control.

Well, do you know how to use Google Assistant to control SwitchBot Curtain?

In this article, we’ll show you how to connect your smart curtain to Google Assistant.

■ Step 1

Make sure your SwitchBot Hub Plus/Mini ​is connected to the Internet.

Then enable the Curtain’s cloud service. Your Curtain is ready to be controlled by a third-party service.

Connect Smart Curtain to Google Assistant

■ Step 2

Tap “Siri Shortcuts” to choose the action for the curtain and then set up your special command.

Connect Smart Curtain to Google Assistant

■ Step 3

If you have an Apple HomePod you could use it to control your SwitchBots.

Long press the HomePod in the Home app.

Then tap the gear icon to turn on the personal requests option.

Connect Smart Curtain to Google Assistant

Now, you are free to use your HomePod or iOS devices to control your SwitchBot Curtain. Have fun!