Keeping your home safe is an important part of your day-to-day; that’s why so many people invest in a security system. If you own a home with locks, it’s even more important to make sure they’re secure. One excellent way to do this is with a digital lock, which has a password or code instead of a traditional key. These are much safer than regular locks, but occasionally problems can occur. If you need to change the 4-digit code on your lock, it’s fairly simple to do so! Read on for more information about how to change the 4-digit code on a Schlage lock and other helpful tips.

Two Types of SchlageKeypad Codes.

There are two kinds of Schlage keypad codes, 6 Digit programming codes and 4 Digit User codes.

1. 6-Digits Code

There’s a six-digit programming code that’s accustomed change the lock-programming set’s options. This is good for a commercial setting where a second code is required to complete a specific task or function. To program the lock, you want to apprehend this code.

2. 4-Digits Codes

The 4-digit code is easy for new users to remember, but it also provides basic security. They are the usual codes that would normally serve as keys to unlock your door.

How to Change a SchlageLock’s Code?

If you need to change the 4-digit code on a Schlage lock, you’ll first want to make sure you have the current code. Then, to update it, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the lock is unlocked. To turn it on, press the “On” button. The “On” button should flash quickly.
  • Now, You have to enter your current programming code.
  • Wait for the orange lights and 3 beep sounds from the Schlage button.
  • Simultaneously push the Schlage lock button 2 or 3 times. After pressing, again Schlage button will give 3 beep sounds and 3 orange lights.
  • Now, You have to enter your new 4- Digit code. After this, 3 orange lights and 3 beep sounds will come.
  • Again enter your 4-Digit code to complete the process.
  • Finally, green light with a long beep sound will come up that indicates that your code is changed.

How to Add a 4 Digit User Code on a SchlageLock (Guest Code)?

Guest codes are important as they allow you to make temporary codes that can be easily used by your family, friends, and other relatives. Here are the steps for adding guest code.

  • Wait for three orange lights and three beeps from the Schlage button after entering your current Programming Code.
  • Press the Schlage button, then the 1 button. Wait for the orange light on the Schlage button to flicker and beep three times.
  • Enter a new 4-digit User Code and wait three times for the orange light to flash and the Schlage button to beep.
  • To complete the operation, enter the new four-digit User Code once more.

How to Remove a 4-Digit Code on SchlageLock?

To remove the 4-Digit code follow these steps:

  • Enter the lock’s programming code
  • Now, press the Schlage button and number 2 simultaneously. Three times, the Schlage button will flash and 3 beep sounds will come.
  • Enter your previous code to confirm its deletion.

SwitchBot Lock: Changing the code via App easily

If you feel too complicated changing the code, SwitchBot Lock might be a better choice – you change or remove the codes on the App, you can also set permanent code or temporary code.

How to Change the 4 Digit Code on a Schlage Lock?
How to Change the 4 Digit Code on a Schlage Lock?